California Introduces Bill to Ban ICE Detention Centers, Private Prisons

The state of California is cracking down on “private for-profit prisons” after introducing a bill to ban the facilities. Moreover, it means shutting down U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s privately run detention centers. The bill AB-42 passed the state assembly Wednesday with 65 votes in favorable votes. According to Newsweek, it would mean shutting down four detention centers holding “up to 4,500 inmates.”

State Assemblymember Rob Bonta, who introduced the bill, said on Twitter Thursday, “Profiteering on the backs of people who are incarcerated is not only morally wrong, but inhumane & contrary to our California values. My #AB32 ends this shameful practice by banning the use for all for-profit, private detention in CA!”

If passed, the law would prevent the state of California from signing new contracts with private prisons beginning in 2020. Further, the state wouldn’t renew existing contracts hoping to shut down such ventures by 2028. The state’s Democratic governor Gavin Newsom is next to sign the bill before it’s passed.