California City Declares Itself A ‘Sanctuary’ For Businesses Amid Restrictive Lockdowns

Amid the coronavirus pandemic and California’s “draconian” lockdowns, Atwater Mayor Paul Creighton is offering his city as a “sanctuary” for businesses struggling to make ends meet.

“Atwater is one of the lowest numbers in our county and we’re seeing the economic pressure of this — and we’re not getting any relief from the governor or the county so — we decided to step up,” the Mayor told Fox & FriendsĀ Wednesday morning.

“The revenues are down. We’re following the Constitution. And, we’re not actively [or] aggressively going to file a lawsuit or anything else, but we’re going to stand our ground,” he said. “And, the draconian measures that are taken, [they don’t] fit our community.”

“We smashed the curve here in Merced County and we’re doing our part,” Creighton concluded. “So, let us return back to business as normal with best practices, and businesses know how to do that.”

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