Buttigieg claims mask mandates on planes are just a ‘matter of respect’

Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg echoed President Biden’s stance on masks during an interview with ABC’s This Week. Host Martha Raddatz pressed him on public transportation mask mandates Sunday.

“Health experts have told us there’s really no difference between an airplane or a restaurant or gym where vaccinated Americans no longer need to wear masks,” Raddatz said. “Why not institute that same policy on airplanes?”

“Well, some of the differences have to do with the physical space, some of them have to do with it being a workplace where in some of these transit and travel situations people don’t have a choice,” Buttigieg responded. In the end, he said the mandate really is “a matter of safety but it’s also a matter of respect.”

This comes after Biden himself said that those vaccinated persons who continue to wear masks are keeping a “patriotic responsibility.”

On the other hand, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention announced weeks ago that they removed the mask requirement for the vaccinated. Dr. Anthony Fauci of the National Institute of Allergies and Infectious Diseases also said he will not be wearing a mask, admitting he only wore one previously as to not give mixed signals.

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