There are few people who exemplify the American dream more than former Oakland Raiders Super Bowl star Burgess Owens and he wants every American to know that despite what Democrats say, the dream is really available to anyone.

He spoke to The Sara Carter Show, where Owens discussed his life, his family, being an entrepreneur and his run as the Republican Candidate for Utah’s Congressional District 4.

He also has a warning: America is in a cultural, political and educational battle against growing socialism and Marxism. He told me on the podcast the importance of speaking out against the growing socialist tide and for Republicans it is necessary to reach out to impoverished communities that have been usurped by Democrats who spread false beliefs that the American dream is not for everyone.

If anyone in your audience out there runs across a black American with a MAGA hat on, shake their hands please.They’re fighting the fight. They’re the ones that are now on the frontlines, Burgess Owens

There is an awakening in American black communities under President Donald Trump because for the first time Owens said there is a president that is actually keeping his promises to the people, he said.

“If anyone in your audience out there runs across a black American with a MAGA hat on, shake their hands please,” said Owens. “They’re fighting the fight. They’re the ones that are now on the frontlines.”

He said, however, that groups like the NAACP, the Congressional Black Caucus and what he describes as ‘elitists…”are the same no matter what color they are.”

“When I look back on our history it has not been the white supremacists that have done the most damage, it’s also been black elitists… the black caucus, the NAACP those who live the American dream but then suck every bit of hope out of our community as they go out and live their lives of power, and fame, and fortune,” he said. “Those are our enemy and what’s happening Black American’s are realizing that it’s not the color of skin that matters it’s the principals, it’s the values, it’s the love of country, family, God, flag all those kind of things.”

Owens discussed growing up in Tallahassee, Florida and then later becoming the third Black American to be offered a football scholarship at the University of Miami, Coral Cable. He talked about earning a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology and Chemistry and becoming an entrepreneur. He also spoke about the lessons learned from his time in the NFL about success and hard work.

“My community is waking up – like America is waking up out of the plantation mentality and we’re about to win this fight,” he said.

Americans cannot allow Marxist and socialism ideology to penetrate the fabric of the nation said Owens who added, those that spread the ideology want “to pull our community back, my community back, our country goes back along with it.”

Karl Marx understood the concept of removing history from a nation and stressed that this is what is happening now in many universities, high schools and colleges across the country, Owens said. He said the first battle for Marxists is the rewriting of history “if you take away our history then we have a mess, we have a people that don’t understand, and don’t appreciate the sacrifice and the vision of our past of our ancestors. So we have to get that back.”

“Again, we have to remember the war we’re fighting now is not new, it hasn’t been just decades, it’s a war we’ve been fighting from the very beginning of our nation,” he said.

Owens discussed how the black community rose from the horror and bondage of slavery to successfully become an active part of the American dream. He spoke about the establishment in 1882 of Tuskegee University, in Tuskegee Alabama, by Booker T. Washington saying that by “1905 that little college was producing more self-made millionaires than Harvard, Yale and Princeton combined.”

“The black community believes in the American way,” said Owens. “Think about a race that came out of slavery and for the first time had a chance to experience freedom you know to have a business, to run a family, to actually have a dream that you can control your future. Think about that environment and that mindset experiencing it for the first time, we were all in. We were excited by the opportunity to be allowed to build our business.”

Owens spoke proudly of his father’s WWII service and noted that his father’s generation is one that should be exemplified and honored.

“We are a country that is so awesome, in terms of every single generation gets better, and better and better,” said Owens. “All we have to do is learn our history, and we can see that. We can be excited about a better future because we have such a great past knowing what we the people have done together.”

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