September 5, 2019

Brooklyn Jewish Community Fearful Over Onslaught of Attacks

The tight-knit and Orthodox Jewish communities of Brooklyn, NY are facing an onslaught of hate and violence. New York City Councilman and Jewish Caucus Chair Chaim Deutch called it an “epidemic of hate” and urged the Jewish community to not shy away from publicly displaying their observance.

The Jewish communities in Brooklyn are facing battles every day, but mainstream media is silent. The most recent attack was on Sunday morning as a father and his eighteen-year-old son were entering their synagogue, according to the Jerusalem Post. Before they were able to enter, however, a group of three intoxicated men began stabbing them with box cutters. According to the paper, the attack occurred in the Kensington section near Borough Park. The two were taken to a nearby hospital and are said to be stable.

On Saturday, an orthodox Jewish man was attacked outside of his synagogue as the Jewish Sabbath was ending in the Midwood neighborhood, according to CBS2 New York. Two attackers who had been drinking engaged the man in a “verbal dispute” that quickly became physical when one of the attackers pushed the man to the ground and began hitting him with his belt.

Last week, the New York Police Department responded to a similar attack in which a man threw a stone at a rabbi in the Crown Heights neighborhood. Days before, suspects threw a large object at an Orthodox Jewish man in that same neighborhood.

Antisemitic hate crimes in the city have doubled since 2018, nearly 150 attacks have been reported. In response, Mayor Bill de Blasio launched the city’s new Office for the Prevention of Hate Crimes this week, but it may be too late as the community’s suffering is reaching boiling point.