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British Authorities Name Suspect In Stabbing Spree, Calling it An Act Of Terror



London stabbing
London stabbing

London stabbings: What we know so far (via Sky News Video)

A stabbing spree in Reading West of London that killed three people in a park is being investigated as an act of terror, British authorities said Sunday. The investigation is being conducted in cooperation with the counterterrorism police, reports stipulated.

The British Thames Valley Police, who is leading the investigation, said three people were fatally stabbed and other people needed to be hospitalized. British Prime Minister Boris Johnson called mass stabbing incident “appalling” as authorities scramble to investigate the scope of the terror incident.

According to authorities said the attacker was Khairi Saadallah, a 25-year-old man from Libya. He was arrested soon after the attack on suspicion of murder, according to authorities.

Saadallah was detained by police in Forbury Gardens on Saturday evening, according to the Telegraph. Moreover, witnesses claimed he approached a group of middle-aged men who had been sat drinking in the park and suddenly began stabbing at them.

The attacks took place at around 7 p.m. in the Forbury Gardens in the center of Reading, a city 40 miles west of London.

For more on this story go to the Telegraph. 

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UPDATE: Death toll over 5,100 after massive earthquake in Turkey, Syria



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Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan declared the areas hit by the massive 7.8 earthquake Monday, a disaster zone. According to reports from the AP and Reuters,  the 10 provinces affected by the devastating earthquakes in southern Turkey, now have been placed under a state of emergency for three months.

By Tuesday,  70 countries had offered to help the Turkish government with search and rescue operations.

According to the latest reports, the death toll in Turkey had risen to 3,549 people, raising the combined death toll in Turkey and Syria to over 5,151.


A 7.8 magnitude earthquake struck southern Turkey and northern Syria early Monday morning, leaving 3,500 lives lost and many buildings destroyed. There is an ongoing search and rescue mission for survivors, according to reports.

According to Fox News, The World Health Organization (WHO) the death toll could increase as much as eight times as rescuers work to find more victims. WHO’s senior emergency officer for Europe, Catherine Smallwood, told AFP that, “We always see the same thing with earthquakes, unfortunately, which is that the initial reports of the numbers of people who have died or who have been injured will increase quite significantly in the week that follows.”

To make matters worse, a mixture of rain and snow fell throughout the areas Turkey and Syria that were devastated by the earthquake. Eyewitness accounts described citizens as they ran out of their homes after waking up to the violent and thunderous shakes of the earthquake.

The massive earthquake toppled buildings in regions of Syria, which were held by the opposition due to the ongoing civil-war. Access to health and medical services was limited in the impoverished areas.

According to a doctor in Atmeh Syria, 11 people were killed with an unknown number of citizens buried underneath the debris from the toppled apartment buildings and other infrastructure.

The quake was so fierce that it could be felt in Cairo Egypt. The center-point  of the quake was located 60 miles from the Syrian border according to Fox News.

Hours later a series of at least 20 aftershock followed the quake. According to Turkish authorities the largest aftershock measured in at a 7.5 magnitude.

On twitter Turkish President, Reccep Tayyip Erdogan said, “We hope that we will get through this disaster together as soon as possible and with the least damage.”

The death toll continues to rise in Turkey and Syria.

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