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BREAKING: Reps. Arrington, Babin to lead Texas border trip at the end of the month



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Republican Reps. Jodey Arrington (TX-19) and Brian Babin (TX-36) are leading a congressional trip to the border at the end of the month to assess what they see as ‘Biden’s border crisis,’ this reporter has learned.

The Congressional Delegation will travel to three different destinations between March 29th-31st to see the border from land, air, and sea in McAllen, Laredo, and Carizzo Springs, Texas. They will also be joined by former Commissioner of U.S. Border Patrol Mark Morgan and former Acting Immigration and Customs Enforcement Director Tom Homan as well as over a dozen Texas House members.

National Border Patrol Council Vice President Chris Cabrera recently told Sara Carter on “Hannity” that there are an estimated 700-1,000 migrants crossing the Texas border daily and that it will continue with the current immigration policies.

Since Biden took office, he has taken a number of executive actions to reverse many of the Trump administration policies that the Republican lawmakers deem a success. For instance, he halted the construction of the border wall, ended the ‘Remain in Mexico policy,’ and instituted a 100-day moratorium on deportations.

Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas said Tuesday that migrants awaiting the adjudication of their asylum claims in Mexico’s largest migrant camp in Matamoros have been processed. The United Nations Refugee Agency said late last month that they had begun processing around 750 people at the camp and ensured that proper health protocols were implemented.

Babin, who is also a Chair of the House Border Caucus, told this reporter Tuesday that Biden’s policies have led to an “absolute catastrophe” at the border. Moreover, he said, “Instead of stepping up, securing our border, and putting the safety of Americans, and migrants, first, President Biden is doing what the Democrats do best – blaming Donald Trump.”

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And last month, Arrington sent a letter to President Biden urging the President to uphold Title 42 to mitigate the spread of COVID-19 at the border. In Brownsville, TX, for example, 210 migrants have tested positive for the virus since January 25, according to local reports. It didn’t start or end there. In fact, in June 2020, CNN reported that COVID-19-positive people were crossing the border for medical treatment, overwhelming health care personnel and resources in states like California and Texas.

“With all the efforts the Trump Administration, and now your Administration, have taken to test, prevent, and treat our nation’s citizens and slow the spread of COVID-19, repealing Title 42 would be illogical and indefensible,” Arrington wrote in the February letter. “In fact, your Administration requires American citizens to produce proof of a negative COVID-19 test upon returning to the US after traveling to another country.”

He added, “It would be ludicrous to require American citizens to present a negative COVID test upon reentry while simultaneously inviting illegal immigrants to enter our country with no testing requirement or regard for our rule of law.”

This congressional delegation remains concerned about the surge in migration and hopes to return to Washington with legislative solutions to what they recognize as a ‘crisis.’

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Migrants sick of waiting, surge border after judge temporarily blocks Biden from revoking Title 42



Border Patrol

Del Rio Sector Chief Patrol Agent Jason D. Owens tweeted recently, on May 17, that agents under his command apprehended 2,849 migrants last weekend. However, as migrants no longer want to wait for Title 42 to end, they have surged the border.

In a Breitbart exclusive, the media outlet reported the “number will be eclipsed as it appears the total could approach 4,000 this weekend.” Unfortunately, “the migrants did not appear to know or understand that the Title 42 will not end on Monday due to a federal court order. They expressed they were simply tired of waiting” the report adds.

Between April 1st and May 15 of this year, approximately 513,000 migrants illegally crossed the southern border.

On Friday, Louisiana Judge Robert Summerhays issued a preliminary injunction, and ordered to temporarily block the Biden Administration from revoking Title 42.

Breitbart notes “whether Title 42 ends or not, migrants say they are tired of waiting and surged across the Rio Grande into the Eagle Pass, Texas, area of operations. As many as 3,600 crossed so far this weekend — eclipsing last weekend’s total of just over 2,800 migrant apprehensions in the Del Rio Sector — according to a source operating within U.S. Customs and Border Protection.”

In just a couple of hours on Sunday evening, agents apprehended more than 700 migrants. Agents identified majority of the migrants as Honduran nationals, and some as Colombian.

One source told Breitbart resources were not available to transport migrants from the border to the processing station. It also appears the NGOs who regularly shelter the migrants are overloaded as migrants are reportedly being dropped off at an Eagle Pass Stripes convenience store.

“The crossings are not without danger. On Saturday, seven migrants were swept off their feet in the middle of the night forcing Border Patrol agents to jump into action to save their lives” Breitbart Texas reported. Those seven were lucky, whereas the bodies of three migrants were recovered at the Del Rio Sector.

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