BREAKING: Rep. Jim Jordan Moved To House Intelligence Committee AKA ‘Impeachment Committee’

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy announced Friday that Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) will be moved to the House Intelligence Committee. The announcement comes before impeachment hearings become open to the public, which the Committee’s Chairman Adam Schiff announced this week. That will begin next week.

“I am appointing Jim Jordan to the House Intelligence Committee-which has now become the Impeachment Committee-where he will continue fighting for fairness and truth. Rep. Rick Crawford has been an exemplary member of the committee and will rejoin it when this Democrat charade is over,” House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy said on Twitter.

Rep. Jordan is an outspoken defender of President Trump and has been critical of Chairman Schiff’s closed-door impeachment probe. Rep. Jordan currently serves as Ranking Member of the House Oversight Committee.