BREAKING: House dems vote against emergency funding for Israel’s iron dome


In an overwhelming vote, Democrats in the House voted against emergency funding for Israel’s Iron Dome missile defense system and other security programs.

Democrats voted against Rep. Tony Gonzales’ (R-TX) motion to recommit, which would have provided emergency funding for the Israeli Iron Dome and other defense programs. It would have been additional to the $3.8 billion the United States already provides for security assistance to Israel every year. According to House spokesperson Mark Bednar, financial assistance to Israel “has historically been supported on a bipartisan basis.”

Gonzales called for $500 million to be allotted missile defense cooperation. $73 million was meant for the Iron Dome, $177 million for Short Range Ballistic Missile Defense, $77 million for upper-tier missile defense, and finally $173 million for improvements to Arrow I and Arrow II programs.

The final vote was 218 to 209, exactly down party lines.