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BREAKING: FBI makes arrest in Pentagon document leaks



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21-year-old Jack Teixeria was arrested by federal agents on Thursday. Teixeria, an intelligence operative with the Massachusetts Air National Guard is believed to have leaked the 100-plus-pages of Pentagon-documents.

“This is a law enforcement matter,” Brigadier General Patrick Ryder said during a Pentagon news conference on Thursday. “This was a deliberate criminal act” he added while declining to answer questions, citing the ongoing investigation.

National Review reports, “the leaked documents primarily consisted of briefing slides of operational data from the ongoing war in Ukraine. The classified material included maps of Ukrainian air defense systems and even details about South Korea’s furtive attempts to deliver hundreds-of-thousands of ammunition rounds to Ukraine.”

The New York Times  first broke news of the arrest, and examined the classified documents which revealed that China contemplated providing crucial military aid to Russia. Moreover, an earlier incident involving a Russian fighter jet targeting a British surveillance vehicle, “could have amounted to an act of war.” The leaked documents could endanger American espionage agents currently embedded within the Russian intelligence bureaucracy.

Teixeira was allegedly part of an online social-media platform called Discord, as well as led a channel known as Thug Shaker Central that “bonded over a love of guns and video games.”

“He’s fit. He’s strong. He’s armed. He’s trained. Just about everything you can expect out of some sort of crazy movie,” an anonymous member told the Washington Post on Wednesday.


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Analysis: Biden unlikely to sanction Iran’s oil exports, gas prices ‘critical during an election year’



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Analysts say President Joe Biden is unlikely to “prompt dramatic sanctions action on Iran’s oil exports” due to “worries about boosting oil prices and angering top buyer China” according to Reuters.

Speaking to Fox News on Sunday, House Republican Representative Steve Scalise, said the administration had made it easier for Iran to sell its oil, generating revenues that were being used to “go fund terrorist activity.”

The Biden administration has maintained for months that among its primary goals is to keep the Gaza conflict between terror group Hamas and Israel from turning into a wider regional war. However, House Republican leaders accused President Joe Biden of failing to enforce existing measures and said they would take up this week a series of bills to sharpen sanctions on Iran.

Kimberly Donovan, a sanctions and anti-money laundering expert at the Atlantic Council, said that oil-related sanctions have not been strictly enforced in the past couple of years.

“I would not expect the administration to tighten enforcement in response to Iran’s missile and drone attacks against Israel over the weekend, mainly for concerns (that) could lead to increases in oil prices,” she said.

“The price of oil and ultimately the prices of gas at the pump become critical during an election year.”
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