Border Patrol Finds 53 Illegal Migrants in Human Smuggling Trailer

U.S. Customs and Border Protection announced Friday that its agents discovered a trailer filled with 53 illegal migrants Tuesday, according to Friday’s press release. The temperature was soaring at over 105 degrees Fahrenheit and the tractor-trailer was found at the IH-35 border checkpoint in Laredo, TX. It was discovered by a canine who signaled the smell of humans and narcotics.

Border Patrol agents frequently discover people in cramped spaces with dangerous temperatures being trafficked into the United States. In many cases, the undocumented immigrants have died due to heat deprivation and dehydration. The drug cartels and human smugglers have put children in these same scenarios and have created a humanitarian crisis along the roughly 2,000 mile southern border with Mexico.

In this case, there were no deaths among the illegal immigrants discovered in the back of the trailer. The group received medical evaluations however, there wasn’t a need for further medical attention.

Members of the group came from Mexico, Ecuador, Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras and were illegally entering the U.S. with the assistance of the cartels.

All 53 migrants were arrested and the incident is currently under investigation.

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