Border Patrol agents in the Yuma Sector encountered and apprehended over 700 illegal aliens Monday and have made over 1500 apprehensions in the last three days, According to Arizona CBP.

Yuma Sector Border Patrol spokesperson Vincent Dulesky told Arizona Family that its detention facilities are exceeding capacity.

“We’re packing them into our holding areas,” Dulesky told the news site. “If this keeps up, it’s going beyond that and we’re going to have to have a temporary housing facility — whether it be tents or what-have-you.”

Further, Dulesky said Yuma Border Patrol aren’t ‘equipped to handle large groups like that.’

Last month, a congressional delegation, led by Rep. Andy Biggs (R-AZ), traveled to the Yuma Sector of the U.S. Mexico border. In an op-ed for, the group said they toured a detention center. They t was designed for 250 people and was now holding 750 people, according to the group.

On April 16, Yuma Mayor Douglas Nicholls declared a local emergency as facilities continued overflowing.