September 29, 2020

Bolton: If you accuse Trump, you better have the evidence to prove it

“You need to know the sources of the loans,” said John Bolton, former National Security Adviser to President Trump in an interview with Chris Cuomo on CNN on Monday. “You need to know the circumstances under which they were negotiated, you need to know about the terms of the loan… whether they can be rolled over”

“A lot of people have drawn the conclusion that he’s making decisions based on the potential, personal, or corporate economic gain in some of these countries,” continued Bolton. “In Moscow, where he wants a Trump Tower. In Turkey, where they already have a building in Istanbul. I think that’s entirely possible, but I don’t think we have evidence there to prove it.

Bolton warned that “when you make the criticism, you better have the evidence to back it up, and right now… there is not enough there.”