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Boebert’s new bill ‘The ELON Act’ targets DOJ spending on big tech



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A new bill targeting U.S. government transactions with big tech companies is being proposed by Republican firebrand Rep. Lauren Boebert who lashed out at former Twitter executives this week for shadow banning her and other conservative lawmakers and commentators.

It is called the ELON (Exposing Lewd Outlays for Social Networking Companies) Act. This bill requires the DOJ to report its spending with big tech companies after information from whistleblowers surfaced about the cozy relationship between the government and FBI.

The U.S. comptroller general will be required to go back to reports dating back to January 1st, 2015 and submit any and all reports of DOJ payments to Twitter, Meta, Google, Microsoft and Apple, according to reports.

According to Fox News, the Colorado Republican said her “bill, the ELON Act, requires a report from all agencies on federal dollars sent to big tech companies” and also places a one-year moratorium on additional funds.” Boebert also added, “we must expose the incestuous relationship between Big Tech and the federal government… My bill does exactly that.”

Reps. Matt Gaetz, Troy Nehls of Texas, Paul Gosar of Arizona and several other GOP members are co-sponsors of the bill, According to Fox News.

On Wednesday February 8th, Boebert slammed ex-twitter executives for their role in the shadow-banning of certain politicians such as herself. Rep. Boebert mentioned a tweet from Matt Taibi, an a journalist who has been at the forefront of reporting on the twitter files, which stated, “Twitter’s contact with the FBI was constant and pervasive, as if it were a subsidiary.”

Boebert asked Twitter’s former head of safety, Yoel Roth, how many meetings he had with the FBI. When she asked if it was “more than 10” he responded, “that a reasonable estimate.”

When she asked if it was “more then 20” he responded saying, “he couldn’t say for sure.”

Boebert then asked, “More then 50?” Roth’s response then changed to, “that seems a bit high,” as if Roth knows the number but has to much pride to tell the absolute truth to Rep. Boebert and the American people.

There were at least nine former FBI agents who worked for Twitter before Elon Musk acquired the social media giant and according to Boebert these agents had started a “BU(Bureau) group chat.” Boebert said, “its almost hard to tell where the FBI ends and where twitter begins,” inferring that they are two sides of the same coin.

A social media giant acting jointly with a government organization like the FBI is a major threat to national security, to the privacy of US citizens. It is an altered version of the famous book 1984 by George Orwell.

The FBI had influence over the decision making at Twitter which interfered with things such as our elections. Twitter has the ability to influence what it’s subscribers see and they were not even aware of it happening. Our President at the time was banned alongside many other politicians, taking away their voice from the public, that alone is censorship and a willful disregard to our first amendment.

Boebert’s ELON act is intended to hold the DOJ accountable. This should be a comfort to all taxpaying American citizens. Everyone in this country should have a right to know where their tax dollars are going and how much is being sent to major business conglomerates that have a blinding influence over them.

The ELON bill will provide the all expenses since January 1st of 2015 and will give clarity on how much money was spent by the DOJ to these big corporations during three different major elections. This bill will help congress manage our taxpayer budget, help allocate funds to where they are needed to benefit U.S. citizens and keep government officials from possible election interference.

Thomas Jefferson famously said, “When governments fear the people, there is liberty. When the people fear the government, there is tyranny.”

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Elizabeth Warren Acknowledges Unintended Consequences of Obamacare



Elizabeth Warren

Senator Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts, a longtime supporter of the Affordable Care Act, commonly known as Obamacare, is now acknowledging the unintended consequences of the healthcare legislation, particularly its impact on industry consolidation and rising healthcare prices.

Warren, who has been a vocal proponent of Obamacare, has recently had what the Wall Street Journal reported as an “epiphany” regarding the consequences of the healthcare law. In a letter addressed to the Health and Human Services Department inspector general, Warren, along with Senator Mike Braun of Indiana, expressed concerns about vertically-integrated healthcare companies potentially increasing prescription drug costs and evading federal regulations.

According to reports from Fox News, the bipartisan letter highlighted issues with the nation’s largest health insurers allegedly bypassing Obamacare’s medical loss ratio (MLR). According to Warren, these insurers, through vertical integration, have manipulated the system, leading to “sky-high prescription drug costs and excessive corporate profits.”

The senators detailed how conglomerates, like UnitedHealth Group, with ownership across various healthcare sectors, could inflate medical payments to pharmacies and, by realizing those payments on the pharmacy side, appear to comply with MLR requirements while retaining more profits.

Moreover, despite the Democrats’ argument that the MLR would benefit patients, it has incentivized insurers to merge with or acquire pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs), retail and specialty pharmacies, and healthcare providers. This, in turn, has made healthcare spending less transparent, as insurers can allegedly shift profits to their affiliates by increasing reimbursements.

Warren, who has consistently voted against Obamacare repeal efforts, notably advocated for a “Medicare for All” proposal during her 2020 presidential campaign. Despite her prior support for the healthcare law, Warren’s recent concerns about its unintended consequences have raised questions about the long-term effects of Obamacare and its impact on the healthcare industry.

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