Black father opposing CRT says ‘the biggest threat when I was growing up were from people that looked like me’

By Jenny Goldsberry

After a Black father openly opposed critical race theory during an Illinois school board meeting, he appeared on The Ingraham Angle Tuesday to discuss it further. During the Ingraham Angle Ty Smith, called critical race theory an ideology that “teaches kids how to hate each other.” He told hoar Laura Ingraham he was the only Black person at the meeting.

Ingraham congratulated Smith for speaking out against what she calls the “critical race theory hoax.”

“I don’t care if anybody wants to agree with me or not, I lived this stuff,” Smith said.

He said that during the school meeting, he scoffed at the idea that white people kept him from succeeding in life.

Smith has two medical degrees and did not grow up with a father or a mother in the house.

“And to get myself through school like I did, there was no system there that they claim that was there, I’m sorry, I’m just calling it like it is,” he said, disputing what he says is a losing victim mentality based on CRT.

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Instead, Smith said “the hard red pill to swallow” is that individuals get in the way of progressing themselves. “The biggest threat to me when I was growing up was somebody that looked exactly like me,” Smith said. “I never had no threat from any white police officer or any white person whatsoever.”

But he didn’t deny that a discriminatory system ever existed. “Now, back in the day, slave days and pre-Civil Rights Movement, I get that,” he said. “But in today’s world? Absolutely not. All they’re doing is keep on handing folks walkers.”

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