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Biden’s OPM nominee turns out to be a radical who endorses BLM rioters, their bail funds and CRT



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By Jenny Goldsberry

President Biden nominated Kiran Ahuja to head his Office of Personnel Management only to find she has some radical views. Among her controversies, she’s supported BLM protestors and funding their bail, to giving Ibram X. Kendi a platform to peddle critical race theory.

Back in the summer of 2020, Ahuja made her stance on BLM protests clear. “Our hope is the protests around the country signal not only shifting winds but finally coming to terms with our racist history as a country, and addressing it head-on,” she wrote on Philanthropy Northwest’s website while she was CEO. “We must do everything in our collective power to right historic and present-day injustices so that we build an anti-racist future in service of the Black and Indigenous visions for a world where we can all truly be free.” Later, when police arrested some protesters, she posted links to their bail funds.

Ahuja also hosted Ibram X. Kendi at an events. She was the one to introduce him before his speech, congratulating him for his book “that challenges deep-rooted discriminatory policies and actively works to dismantle racial inequities in society.” His book also dives into critical race theory, by teaching readers “how to be anti-racist.”

Biden has yet to comment on her controversies.

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Trump juror who was already sworn in fesses up, admits she cannot be ‘fair and unbiased’



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The latest scenario of one woman who has already been sworn in as a juror for former President Donald Trump’s trial is an indication of the complete improbability for a fair trial. Reporting from outside the New York City courthouse, MSNBC reporter Vaughn Hillyard explained the juror called the court to inform them that she did not know if she could actually be fair and impartial.

“She was asked to come to court this morning and went before the defense and went before the District Attorney’s office and answered questions about how she got to that conclusion” the reporter explains.

The juror discussed how she got calls, even yesterday, from friends, colleagues and family “questioning my identity as a juror.” She continued to say “I don’t believe I can be fair and unbiased and let the outside influences not affect me in the courtroom” the reporter quoted.

Hillyard’s report went on the emphasize the difficulty for these jurors in the next six to eight weeks because these are individuals who are supposed to be anonymous, yet we and the sides have some details about who these individuals are such as their neighborhoods and their occupations.


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