Biden says he doesn’t think America is ‘racist’ after Tim Scott says the same and gets destroyed for it

President Biden sits down with TODAY’s Craig Melvin

After Sen. Tim Scott (R-SC) faced attacks for his rebuttal to the presidential address, President Biden echoed Scott’s same sentiments. Yet, Biden has faced no backlash. After Scott’s broadcast ended, “Uncle Tim” was trending on Twitter. Now, Twitter has stayed quiet about Biden’s comments, made Thursday during an interview on TODAY.

Craig Melvin brought up the junior senator, posing the question: “he said America isn’t racist. Is it?”

“No I don’t think the American people are racist,” Biden responded. “But think after 400 years African Americans have been left in a position where they’re so far behind the eight ball in terms of education, health, in terms of opportunity. I don’t think America is racist, but I think the overhang from all of the Jim Crow and before that slavery have had a cost and we have to deal with it.”

Scott also responded to the interview, saying “I’m glad Joe Biden and Kamala Harris agreed with me: America is not a racist country.”