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Biden: ‘Russian Oil will no longer be acceptable at U.S. Ports’



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On Tuesday President Joe Biden announced the United States will place a ban on all Russian oil imports as punishment for its invasion of Ukraine. Biden said, “that means Russian oil will no longer be acceptable at U.S. ports and the American people will deal another powerful blow to Putin’s war machine.”

Biden’s remarks, given at the White House, are not pleasing everyone. ConocoPhillips CEO Ryan Lance said Biden’s move to ban all Russian oil imports is “the stupidest thing you could ever imagine.”

“It is incredibly shortsighted and may actually have the opposite effect of what they think will happen” added Lance who warned how imports and exports allow for the global crude community to be “interconnected” and can produce price stability.

Lance also lamented about how the world has not given the energy industry due diligence until the Russia invasion of Ukraine began. “I think it’s starting to ramp up, unfortunately I couldn’t have said that two or three weeks ago. I think wasn’t much conversation going on with our administration and in our industry” said Lance.

“Certainly, I’ll speak for myself and our company, but I think that has ramped up as sort of this whole conversation around national security and energy security is clearly moving, moving to the forefront” he added.

The U.K. is also expected to announce plans to ban Russian oil as well. The ban will include a months-long lead-in time to allow the global market to adjust, and avoid panic-buying gas, reported Politico.

“This is a move that has strong bipartisan support in Congress and I believe in the country,” he added. “Americans have rallied to support the Ukrainian people and made it clear we will not be part in subsidizing Putin’s war.”

In his remarks at the White House, Biden stated that although the ban will be without European participation, it was made in consultation with European allies.

“We’re moving forward this ban understanding that many of our European allies and partners may not be in a position to join us,” Biden said. “The United States produces far more oil domestically than all the European countries combined.”

“We can take this step when others cannot, but we’re working closely with Europe and our partners to reduce their dependence on Russian energy as well,” he added.

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  1. Gennaro pupa

    March 9, 2022 at 9:12 am

    Such it up you environmentalists, see TRUMP was right AGAIN!

  2. Raul Fuentes Sr

    March 9, 2022 at 10:04 am

    So we changed from a communist country to 2 communist country’s, he figure well,my party is taking this country in that direction anyway.

  3. Leanne Robinson

    March 9, 2022 at 12:33 pm

    The next steps then, are to reopen the keystone pipeline, and ease up and remove the regulations that keep our oil producing companies from producing our much needed oil and natural gas.

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Daily Wire investigation: Italian company may have illegally sold rights to the Vatican’s priceless art



Screen Shot 2022 12 15 at 9.20.11 AM

The Daily Wire has been conducting a fascinating investigation into the Vatican Museum’s priceless artwork. “Rights to the Vatican Museums’ priceless trove of art treasures may have been illegally sold without the Holy See’s approval in what one attorney described as a “high-tech heist,” the investigation finds.

An Italian company is allegedly selling the rights to reproduce the Vatican artwork in six-figure deals, while claiming to be working in “collaboration with” the Vatican Museums.

“This scheme is nothing less than a pre-meditated, high-tech heist of world-class treasured art from the Vatican Museums under the disguise of bogus licenses, as if sanctioned by the Vatican,” Sarah Rose Speno, a New York attorney, told The Daily Wire.

The Daily Wire’s report notes that Speno said she stumbled upon the alleged scheme in March when she sought permission to use images of Vatican art for an exhibition by a client.

“We discovered that a large table book had been published with high-resolution images of the interiors of the Vatican, including the Sistine Chapel,” Speno said. “We very much wanted to pursue an opportunity to license these images, as soon as possible.”

Speno contacted Scripta Maneant — the Italian publisher that licensed the photos in the book. Scripta Maneant claimed authority to broker the publishing rights via its “collaboration” with Vatican Museums vice director, Monsignore Paolo Nicolini. Scripta Maneant wanted $550,000 for the rights — with a portion being paid to the Vatican through Nicolini, according to Speno. Although Scripta Maneant claimed the fee would be shared with the Vatican, Speno said she later became suspicious.

“The Scripta Maneant scheme became obvious when the Scripta principals demanded a cash wire in the amount of $82,500 no later than their return from summer holiday in late August,” Speno said. “They said that they would produce Vatican approval for our Italian Renaissance Immersive project ‘if and only if’ the fee were wired to the Scripta bank account they provided. It was at this point that grave suspicion entered my mind.”

Ultimately, Speno said, “we terminated the deal when Scripta could not provide us with documented consent by the Vatican.”

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