Biden responds to disappointing May jobs report, gaffes instead

Despite the most recent jobs report disappointing the predictions of economists, President Biden responded optimistically Friday. Instead, he said the “jobs report shows historic progress.”

In his nine-minute speech, Biden reminded everyone that overall, jobs are on the rise. “We have created more than 2 million jobs in total since I took office,” he said. “More jobs than have been created in the first four months in any presidency in modern history.” Conveniently, he left out the historic job losses that happened leading up to his inauguration.

Biden also blamed a lower number on vaccination rates, since the data was collected during the first week in May. Back then, Biden said, the vaccination rate for adults was only 35%. Just Thursday is was reported to be at 63%.

Yet, Biden also patted himself on the back for the unemployment benefits under his administration. nearly 20,000 more childcare jobs. “A temporary boost in unemployment benefits that ended -that we enacted I should say-helped people who lost their jobs to no fault of their own.” But, the boost is set to end in 90 days.

“I’m extremely optimistic,” Biden ended his speech, “and I hope you are as well.”

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