Biden Pledges To ‘Restore’ U.S./WHO Relationship ‘For all its shortcomings, missteps’

Former Vice President and 2020 Democratic presidential hopeful Joe Biden held his first press conference in 89 days on Tuesday.

Speaking to the public from Wilmington, Deleware, Biden accused the President of mishandling the COVID-19 outbreak and explained a number of corrections he’d make to his policies, including increasing testing and contact tracing capabilities, and “restoring” the country’s relationship with the World Health Organization, recognizing that the organization’s had it’s ‘shortcomings and missteps.’

“We have to immediately restore our relationship with the World Health Organization for all its shortcomings and missteps over COVID-19. This is why WHO was created. It is essential to coordinating a global response during a pandemic. And the United States should be leading that response as we had in the past,” Biden said.

He added, “COVID-19 will likely worsen at the outset of flu season this year, so we need to put in place measures now, now to ensure the seasonal flu vaccine can be ready, available, and administered safely to those who need it under social distancing guidelines, especially for seniors.”

President Donald Trump has been hard on the WHO for its close relationship with China and for its mishandling of the pandemic. Last month, Trump announced that the U.S. will “terminate” its relationship with the group after earlier announcing that he would halt U.S. funding, citing the organization’s “China-centric” ties.

The WHO has on a number of occasions misled the world on the spread of COVID-19. Initially, the WHO said there was no evidence of “human-to-human transmission” of the virus, and, even more recently, said then backtracked that the asymptomatic transmission is “very rare.”