Biden pledges to pursue a trade and economic agenda that will protect ‘our intellectual prosperity’

President-elect Joe Biden on Monday said that he would pursue a trade and economic agenda that protects the United States’ “intellectual prosperity” regarding controversies with China’s repeated violations of U.S. intellectual property in commerce and trade.

At Monday’s televised presidential transition briefing, Biden said that the United States should embrace its “democratic partners” around the world in order to increase the nation’s economic leverage.

“In defense of our shared interest and our shared values, we make up 25%—almost 25%—of the entire economy of the world,” he said. “But together with our democratic partners, we more than double our economic leverage.”

Biden then went more in depth regarding a range of broad issues, ultimately saying that the U.S. is stronger when it works with its allies.

“On any issue that matters to the U.S. and China relationship: from pursuing a foreign policy to the middle class; including a trade and economic agenda that produces and protects American workers, our intellectual prosperity, and the environment; to ensuring the security and prosperity in the Indo-Pacific region; to championing human rights; we’re stronger and more effective when we’re flanked by nations that share our vision and the future of our world,” the president-elect said. “That’s how we multiply the impact of our efforts, and make those efforts more sustainable.”

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