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Biden gets poll completely wrong, thinks 92% of Dems would vote for him in 2024



Joe Biden

President Joe Biden had a little delusional moment in Tuesday when he chastised a reporter telling them “to read the polls” which Biden alleged proves the American people want him to run for re-election. In fact, the polls show the exact opposite, but that did not stop him from engaging in an altercation; facts rarely get in Biden’s way.

“Mr. President, what’s your message to Democrats who don’t want you to run again?” the reporter asked at the congressional picnic at the White House.

Biden stopped in his tracks and told the reporter “they want me to run” and for him to “read the polls.”

When the reporter pointed out the polls show roughly two-thirds of Democrats say they do not want Biden to run again, the president snapped back: “Read the polls, Jack, you guys are all the same.”

Biden walked towards the reporter and camera and stated “that poll showed that 92% of Democrats, if I ran, would vote for me” referring to a New York Times survey.

Fox News reports:

Both the reporter and Biden reiterated their claims to each other, with the reporter again asserting that a majority of Democrats do not want Biden to campaign in 2024, and Biden refuting the statistic, insisting it was quite the opposite. 

The interaction comes as the media has highlighted numerous polls that show Biden is in hot water with American voters, including voters of his own party. The numbers Biden and the reporter spoke of came from a New York Times/Sienna College poll conducted between July 5 and 7.

The reporter was correct in their analysis of the poll which revealed a whopping 64% of Democratic voters agree that someone else should take the mantle in 2024.

Fox News writes that when it comes to Biden’s statistic of 92%, “that number does appear in the poll, but is not attributable to a question about whether he should or should not run in 2024.”

“Instead, the statistic is in reference to the fact that 92% of Democrats would still vote for Biden in a hypothetical rematch against former President Donald Trump.


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DeSantis wishes America ‘a speedy recovery’ from Biden



Screen Shot 2022 07 24 at 10.47.42 AM

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis didn’t hold back his quick wit at this week’s Turning Point event when he wished President Joe Biden a speedy recovery from COVID-19 and then wished America a “speedy recovery” from the Biden presidency.

“I want to, on behalf of the State of Florida, wish Biden a speedy recovery from COVID. And I also want to wish the United States of America a speedy recovery from Joe Biden,” the Florida governor said. DeSantis is expected to throw his name in the hat for the 2024 Presidential election.

You have to love his humor because it’s what we are all thinking. DeSantis also realizes how crucial the November, 2022 midterm elections will be to the Republican Party and the American people.

He told the crowd, “if we get that red wave in the House and in the Senate, and Republicans have majorities, here’s what I think we as voters want to see – we want to see you do something with those majorities.”

He listed the numerous failures under the Biden Administration. If he listed all of them, he’d still be giving his speech.

“We want to see you hold [Biden] and his ilk accountable for what they’re doing at the southern border,” said DeSantis, who has been fighting the administration’s open borders policy.  He also took a shot at Governor Gavin Newsom, D-CA. Newsom, who is failing California,  is expected to be a Democratic contender for the White House in 2024.

“We believe every parent in the state of Florida has a right to send their little kid to elementary school without having radical gender ideology injected into the curriculum,” DeSantis said. “It is totally inappropriate to take some six year old kid and to say, well, ‘You may have been born a boy, but maybe you’re really a girl.’ That is wrong and may fly in California but it does not fly here in the state of Florida.”

Watch below

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