July 14, 2020

Biden Gaffe: A Bold New Plan ‘to get our kids to market swiftly’

Former Vice President Joe Biden unveiled a new bold plan on Tuesday to ‘get our kids to market swiftly.’ Of course, it was another one of his famous gaffes but at first I thought it was part of his efforts to cut back on gas emissions.

Seriously, however, his continued gaffes are raising concern about his health and whether or not he’ll be able to debate President Donald Trump.

Only 54 percent of Americans believe he can actually debate President Donald Trump and it appears Democrats are so concerned that they are coming up with any excuse to keep him from doing so, as reported.

Other Biden gaffes have been the brunt of jokes on social media. In one major gaffe he described his 1962 encounter with a gang member who went by the name of ‘Corn Pop.’ In the same video, he rambled on about his blonde hair on his legs and how children liked to touch his glistening hair.