Biden and Trump Nearly Tied In Latest Rasmussen Poll

President Donald Trump and Former Vice President Joe Biden are growing closer in polling with Trump gaining a point from Rasmussen’s last poll seven days ago. The July 22 data shows Biden with 47% of support from likely voters to 45% for President Trump.

The weekly Wednesday polling has shown an increase in Trump’s support — he held just 40% to Biden’s 50% when Rasmussen first began the polls.

In terms of party support, the numbers show Trump has 81% of support from Republican voters while Biden has 74% of Democrats pledged support.

For independents, Biden leads with 47% to Trump’s 36%, but “17% of these voters like another candidate or are undecided,” according to the poll.

Other polls have shown Biden dominating Trump but this report from Rasmussen puts those numbers into question, especially considering the polls that were widely-shared in November 2016 and turned out to be incorrect.