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Biden Aides Reportedly Quietly Apologized to Antisemite Linda Sarsour After Condemnation



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The Biden campaign privately expressed an apology to Linda Sarsour after publicly condemning her radical anti-Israel and anti-semitic comments, according to a report by the Middle East Eye. Sarsour is known for supporting Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan who regularly calls Jews “satanic,” and has called for “jihad” against President Donald Trump.

The controversy started when the DNC hosted the radical leftist during a section of the convention for Muslim Delegates and their allies. Jews on both sides of the aisle were angered by her appearance.

The Biden campaign reacted to the controversy and publicly condemned her.

“Joe Biden has been a strong supporter of Israel and a vehement opponent of anti-Semitism his entire life, and he obviously condemns her views and opposes BDS, as does the Democratic platform,” campaign aide Andrew Bates said. “She has no role in the Biden campaign whatsoever.”

The pressured apology was reported across the media. It now seems that the Biden team is walking back on their statement as they seem to have privately apologized.

The Middle East Eye reported that “In a private call with dozens of prominent activists on Sunday, Ashley Allison, national coalitions director for the Biden campaign, said she was “sorry” for the comments that a campaign spokesman made against Sarsour,” the alleged comments seem to retract the earlier condemnation.

This brings up many questions about Biden’s actual position on Sarsour and her anti-semitic beliefs.

The Middle East Eye also found that top foreign policy adviser Tony Blinken allegedly expressed “regret” about the incident during the meeting.

Allison reportedly said she understands “the pain” the condemnation caused the Muslim community.

Biden has yet to make an official statement about Sarsour and the radical ideals that alienate an entire voting population.

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PJ Media report: SHOCKER! WaPo Update About Mar-A-Lago Raid Doesn’t Fit the Narrative



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PJ Media’s Kevin Downey Jr. has dissected a Washington Post report regarding findings from the raid of former President Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate. “Shocker! WaPo Update About Mar-A-Lag0 Raid Doesn’t Fit the Narrative” Downey Jr.’s report is titled.

“Remember when the FBI raided Trump’s home supposedly looking for “nuclear secrets” a few months back? Guess how that turned out?” the article begins.

I’ll let the quislings at the Washinton Post spell it out:

Federal agents and prosecutors have come to believe former president Donald Trump’s motive for allegedly taking and keeping classified documents was largely his ego and a desire to hold on to the materials as trophies or mementos, according to people familiar with the matter.

In other words, Trump was keeping souvenirs, as everyone else does.

Funny how WaPo sat on that story until after the midterms, right?

But wait, there’s more!

That review has not found any apparent business advantage to the types of classified information in Trump’s possession, these people said. FBI interviews with witnesses so far, they said, also do not point to any nefarious effort by Trump to leverage, sell or use the government secrets. Instead, the former president seemed motivated by a more basic desire not to give up what he believed was his property, these people said.

The WaPo also found no evidence that Trump was looking to “leverage, sell or use the government secrets.”

They threw the idea in near the very end that they still might come up with something juicy:

The people familiar with the matter cautioned that the investigation is ongoing, that no final determinations have been made, and that it is possible additional information could emerge that changes investigators’ understanding of Trump’s motivations. But they said the evidence collected over a period of months indicates the primary explanation for potentially criminal conduct was Trump’s ego and intransigence.

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