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Biden Administration Continues to Gaslight Israel Over Civilian Deaths



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US President Joe Biden accused Israel of “indiscriminate bombing” of Gaza, after previously telling Israel “…to be careful. The whole world’s public opinion can shift overnight…” US Deputy National Security Advisor Jon Finer also criticized Israel for not doing enough to protect civilians: “There have been aspects of how the conflict was conducted in the north that we think did not show sufficient care for civilian life and those aspects should be ameliorated in the south.”

Is Israel indiscriminately bombing Gaza as the President claims?

The data suggests otherwise:

  • Israel hit over 22,000 targets in Gaza, which, if you accept Hamas’ quote of 18,000 dead, amounts to less than one fatality per strike;
  • An IDF spokesman estimated earlier in the month that there are two civilians deaths for every Hamas death, meaning 33% of those the IDF have killed are terrorists, which hardly looks indiscriminate given the nature of urban warfare; and
  • Former US ambassador to Israel David Friedman argues that the IDF has killed 8,000 Hamas terrorists. Again taking that 18,000 number from Hamas as fact, this amounts to about 44% of those killed in urban warfare being terrorists.

The “indiscriminate bombing” canard also fails to take into account all the steps Israel has done to minimize civilian casualties. At the expense of telegraphing its attack plans to Hamas, Israel has spent significant resources and energy encouraging civilians to temporarily move to humanitarian safe zones, and dropping flyers, calling, texting, and broadcasting via radio and other means to get civilians out of harm’s way.

The Biden administration fails to account for the extent to which Hamas embeds itself within the civilian population, making it very difficult for Israel to avoid civilian casualties. Just some examples of Hamas’ war crimes include:

Stealing humanitarian aid

Firing from humanitarian zones

  • Hamas fired rockets at Israel from humanitarian zones in Gaza. Hamas fired 116 rockets from one such zone towards Israel, with 38 of them falling within Gaza;

Using hospitals as military sites

Using mosques as military sites

Using schools as military sites


  • Hamas sent a group of 100 women and children to confront the IDF as the IDF was attacking Hamas’s Central Jabaliya Battalion compound; and
  • The IDF found an anti-tank missile under an infant’s bed.

Rather than spending political capital on accusing Israel of indiscriminate bombing to appease Hamas, Qatar and Iran, the Biden administration should unequivocally support Israel’s war to destroy Hamas. The administration should also support Israel in its efforts to document Hamas’ war crimes so that the free world can try Hamas members for such crimes following the war. The complete destruction of Hamas, and the trial of Hamas members that remain after the war, will yield the best chance for peace

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Good Riddance to UNRWA as it Supports Hamas



United Nations HQ

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The head of UNRWA recently accused Israel of waging an “expanded, concerted campaign” to destroy the UN agency. The leader of UNRWA does have a cause for concern, as Israel’s Defense Minister Yoav Gallant stated that UNRWA has “lost legitimacy and can no longer function as a UN body.” UN Watch’s Hillel Neuer stated that “The rot is systemic, and that’s why we’re holding a conference…to replace UNRWA.” And now Congressional Republicans are probing the Biden administration’s decision to restore US funding to UNRWA in 2021, following the Trump administration’s suspension of that funding in 2018.

Good riddance to UNRWA if it ends up folding under pressure; UNRWA and the UN are Hamas apologists at best, and facilitators at worst. For example, the UN’s Under-Secretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs and Emergency Relief Coordinator actually insisted that “Hamas is not a terrorist group for us,” but merely a “political movement.” And the UN’s Special Rapporteur on the Palestinian Territories, in a rejoinder to the French president calling the October 7 attack “the largest anti-Semitic massacre of our century,” stated that “No, Mr. Macron. The victims of [the October 7 attack] were not killed because of their Judaism, but in response to Israel’s oppression.”

UNRWA Employees Provide Material Support to Hamas, PIJ

Israeli Defense Minister Galant has named 12 specific UNRWA employees who “actively participated” in Hamas’ October 7 attack on Israel, and also stated that Israel has “significant indications based on intelligence” that implicates “over 30” additional UNRWA employees. Gallant stated that of UNRWA’s 13,000 staff in Gaza, “1,468 workers are known to be active in Hamas and PIJ, 185 UNRWA workers are active in the military branches of Hamas and 51 are active in the PIJ military branch.”

Additional to those numbers are the 30 UNRWA teachers known to have celebrated the October 7 attacks on a UNRWA Telegram group that had 3,000 members.

Hamas’ “Data Center” Found Underneath UNRWA Headquarters

Israel also found a Hamas “data center” under UNRWA’s headquarters in Gaza, equipped with an electrical room, computer servers and rooms where Hamas operatives could work and sleep, and that there were power lines connecting UNRWA’s headquarters to this data center. And surprise, some of the equipment found was made in Iran and China. Interestingly, while the Hamas “data center” contained electronics, a server room in the above-ground UNRWA headquarters had most of its electronics missing, which appears to be indicative of “actions of someone who knew the army was coming and wanted to hide the evidence,” according to Col. Benny Aharon of Israel’s 401st Armored Brigade. After the head of UNRWA denied that UNRWA knew of this data center ahead of time, Israel’s Coordinator of Government Activities in the Territories (COGAT) tweeted “Oh, you knew,” and stated that Israel had warned UN officials about the data center but those officials chose to ignore those warnings.

Additional Evidence of Strong UNRWA/Hamas Partnership

Additionally, UN Watch cited instances of UNRWA/Hamas synergy, including that Israel found:

  • At the UNRWA headquarters above ground, weapons and “documents that indicated that the same offices were also used by Hamas”;
  • UNRWA aid bags in Yahya Sinwar’s bunker;
  • UNRWA concrete in Hamas’ tunnels that housed hostages;
  • Missiles and rockets under UNRWA equipment;
  • That Hamas stashed ammunition, explosives, and weapons in UNRWA bags, and that Hamas also had UN vests;
  • That Hamas stored weapons in and fired weapons from a UNRWA school; and
  • That Hamas’ “Ministry of Health” stole 24,000 gallons of fuel from UNRWA.

And to further emphasize the scope of how seriously UNRWA is compromised by Hamas, every single UNRWA “site, school, mosque, [and] kindergarten” that Israel has inspected had weapons, according to Israel’s commander of the 646th Reserve Paratroopers Brigade.

Calls to preserve UNRWA merely deflect away from the “systemic” “rot” found in the organization. Israel should make sure that UNRWA does not operate in any post-war Gaza, as the organization compromises the security of the Jewish state.

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