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Biden admin setting aside millions for ‘racial equity’ grants in STEM education



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The Biden Administration says they are fighting “systemic racism” and working to further “racial equity” in science, technology, engineering, and math-related careers by funneling millions in grants to promote equity in learning.

As reported by Just the News, the administration is moving millions through the National Science Foundation in the form of grants. An official with the Department of Energy said that the “data makes it clear that we need diversity in STEM.”

They added “We really want to see a diverse pipeline of future workforce and our problem-solvers and scientists.”

The NSF has a synopsis on its website on the program it uses to pursue racial tasks, the Racial Equity in STEM Education Program.

“Persistent racial injustices and inequalities in the United States have led to renewed concern and interest in addressing systemic racism,” the website reads. “The National Science Foundation (NSF) Directorate for Education and Human Resources (EHR) seeks to support bold, groundbreaking and potentially transformative projects addressing systemic racism in STEM.”

Just the News found that $30 million will be going to 45 grant winners in 2021, according to government grant tracking.

The news comes as Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm said “the data makes it clear that we need diversity in STEM” at Howard University last week.

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DHS protects ‘privacy’ of migrants on terror watchlist



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Fox News reporter Bill Melugin filed a Freedom of Information Act request that sought the nationalities of individuals on the terror watchlist who entered the United States illegally. No more identifying information such as their names or location were requested; nonetheless, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) responded that the right to ‘privacy’ of the migrants on the watchlist outweighs the public’s right to know.

The denial of the request occurred on the same day that at least one illegal immigrant reportedly on the terror watchlist was apprehended while attempting to infiltrate the Quantico Marine Corps base in Virginia, reports Just The News.

“The privacy interests of the individuals in the records you have requested outweigh any minimal public interest in disclosure of the information,” the department told Melugin in a letter, he wrote in a post on X. “Any private interest you may have in that information does not factor into the aforementioned balancing test.”

Melugin pushed back on the rejection in a post to social media on Thursday, defending his request for the information and claiming that most of the rejection had nothing to do with what he was asking for. He also vowed to appeal the decision.

“I did not ask for any names, IDs, addresses, anything that would breach privacy, nor did I ask for any law enforcement sensitive information,” Melugin said. “I simply requested *only* the nationalities of people arrested on the list, so the public can have an understanding of where in the world they are coming from.”

Just The News adds that the border crisis and influx of illegal migrants has resulted in at least 736 known or suspected terrorists being released into the country in fiscal year 2023. In this fiscal year, at least 210 known or suspected terrorists have been apprehended and then released into the country as of March 22.


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