Biden -a professed Catholic- promises to make abortion ‘law of the land’ if he’s elected

Former Vice President and Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden has promised to make Roe Vs. Wade, the landmark Supreme Court decision to legalize abortion, the “law of the land” if elected.

He made the remarks Monday during the ”NBC Joe Biden Town Hall‘ after being asked by a young woman if he would fight to keep Roe vs. Wade a right for women. The question was raised because of the Supreme Court nomination by President Donald Trump of Justice Amy Coney Barrett, who is Catholic like Biden, but has openly professed her support of every human beings right to life.

Remember last November, when a priest in South Carolina denied Biden his Holy Communion because of his public support of abortion. It was the policy of the bishop in South Carolina but abortion is also opposed by the Catholic Church in general.

Biden, however, isn’t letting his Catholic background or beliefs get in the way of his future plans to become a Democratic president. At the town hall in Miami, he promised that if the historic ruling on abortion is overturned by Barrett’s nomination, his only “response to that is pass legislation making Roe the law of the land. That’s what I would do.”

It wasn’t clear at all how he would do make it a law. But like almost everything, Biden has also refused to answer whether or not he would pack the Supreme Court if elected. This appears to be the strategy, considering the Democrats view the Supreme Court and the Justice system as a way of legislating from the bench.

Watch Biden at the town hall below.