Texas Democrat and 2020 presidential hopeful Beto O’Rourke questioned the U.S. Constitution Monday telling the Washington Post “can it still be managed by the same principles there were set down 230-plus years ago?”

Pressed on many contentious policies, O’Rourke often had vague answers that suggested he would invite debate and conversation about the topics.

O’Rourke, however, stirred controversy when he offered his assessment of the future of the United States and the Constitution.

“I think that’s the question of the moment: does this still work? Can an empire like ours with military presence in over 170 countries around the globe, with trading relationships and security agreements in every continent, can it still be managed by the same principles that were set down 230-plus years ago?”

Policy and Pundits Chime In

What did he say, some analysts, policy makers and pundits said.

Beto’s Border Wall Non-Strategy

Moreover, O’Rourke attempted to answer questions about Trump’s proposed border wall. He said it would ‘ensure death.’

Later when the editors and reporters pressed him on how to fix the broken immigration system, he suggested an open debate.

Syria and Beto

As for Syria, he suggested an open debate yet again regarding the key issue of withdrawing troops.

Beto’s Daily Life 

There is no question that O’Rourke has used his charming personality to create a likeable social media presence. His posts regularly talk about his personal life and daily happenings.

For example, O’Rourke live streamed a very up close and personal dental cleaning in a recent Instagram post. Oddly, he used the platform to discuss the border crisis.

““I’m here at the dentist and we’re going to continue our series on the people of the border. I’m here with Diana, my dental hygienist,” O’Rourke said with a mouthful of tools. “Um, Diana is going to tell us a little bit about growing up in El Paso.”

Despite his recent loss in the Texas Senate Race, O’Rourke is said to be planning his 2020 run. He recently announced his plans to take a solo cross-country road trip in a blog post saying, he has “been stuck lately” and “In and out of a funk.”

O’Rourke is chronicling his interactions with everyday Americans during the trip. There has yet to be an official statement on O’Rourke’s 2020 bid.