Bernie Sanders To Socialism Skeptics: Government Is Already ‘Socialism for the Rich’

Sen. Bernie Sanders, D-VT, sent a direct message to voters questioning his campaign of ‘Democratic Socialism’, telling CBS This Morning Friday, Trump’s government is already “socialism for the rich.”

“In my view, to a significant degree we are living right now under Donald Trump in a socialist society. The only difference is does the government work for working people or does it work for billionaires?” Sanders said.

He continued, “Donald Trump, before he became president, was in real estate. He received $800 million in tax breaks and subsidies from the government. Socialism for the rich. The fossil fuel industry receives tens of billions of dollars a year in subsidies and tax breaks. That is socialism for the rich.”

Sanders claimed victory in Tuesday’s New Hampshire primary. He faces two key upcoming primaries in South Carolina and Nevada.

Sanders said he’s confident that he will win South Carolina because “working people understand that we have got to finally stand up to the corporate elite and that we have to have a mass political movement of working people and low income people and young people to do that, so I’m not worried about labels we will define ourselves, not let other people define us.”