Vermont Senator and 2020 hopeful Bernie Sanders told Fox News’ Martha MacCallum and Bret Baier in Bethlehem, PA that single payer health care would raise taxes. Moreover, the self-proclaimed Democratic Socialist said it would be similar to the public school system in which taxes fund education.

When asked if the plan would include members of congress, Sanders agreed without hesitation. Sanders said he also backs free college tuition, raising taxes on the wealthy, and increasing the minimum wage.

On immigration, Sanders said we need ‘sensible reform.’ Sanders said we need to stop ‘demonizing immigrants,’ suggesting building more holding facilities along the border. On the wall, Sanders said we need more border security.

In Monday’s Fox News op-ed, Sanders wrote, “Our goal must be to create good-paying jobs by rebuilding our crumbling infrastructure, not give huge tax breaks to people who don’t need them.  Our job must be to invest in public education and combat climate change, not spend trillions on never ending wars.”

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