Bernie Sanders’ inauguration look is getting memed

On a day filled with deep introspection, solemnity, optimism, and love of country for many Americans, many across social media are finding ways to find some levity and humor on Inauguration Day.

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) is getting memed for his overall dressed-down look at President Joe Biden‘s inauguration Wednesday.

Sanders (known more simply as “Bernie”), with his hair iconically disheveled, ditched the washable and more expensive masks that other high-profile attendees donned and decided to wear the more commonplace light-blue surgical mask. Moreover, the democratic socialist from Vermont also wore a heavy and dull-colored winter coat. In his hands, which were covered by some rustic-looking mittens, held a manila postal envelope and some sort of piece of paper (perhaps his event ticket).

One Twitter user pointed out that Bernie was wearing the same coat he wore in a December 2019 campaign video from which his phrase “I am once again asking you for your financial support” became one of the hottest meme templates of 2020 and one of the most memorable Bernie memes.

Bernie’s postal items prompted former FiveThirtyEight senior political writer Clare Malone to tweet photo of him with the caption: “Bernie dressed to stand on line at the post office.”

Vanessa Friedman, The New York Times‘ Fashion Director and Chief Fashion Critic, tweeted an image of the senator sitting with his arms and legs crossed, saying: “In all the inauguration fashion news, let us not overlook Senator Bernie Sanders’ mittens”.

Ruby Cramer, a political reporter for BuzzFeed News, provided some more backstory to the senator’s mittens. They were given to him over two years ago by Jen Ellis, a teacher from Vermont, and “are made from repurposed wool sweaters and lined with fleece made from recycled plastic bottles.”

One comedian, Karlous Miller, commented on the same picture of a criss-crossed Bernie, saying that he looks like “he’s waiting on a job.”

Other people made observations about the senator’s apparently fed-up mood or found his mood relatable. Here are some other funny tweets and memes:

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