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Banned congressional candidate Laura Loomer commissions caricature of Twitter CEO as Taliban leader



Jack Dorsey

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Congressional candidate for Florida’s 11th district Laura Loomer commissioned a caricature of Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey over the weekend. Now, it’s displayed all around Twitter headquarters.

First its artist, Bosch Fawstin, won the “First Annual Muhammad Art Exhibit and Contest” in 2015. ISIS targeted this same exhibit around the same time. Fawstin is a former Muslim himself. Now, his most recent artwork is titled “TaliBANNED.”

“The issue with leftist-run tech companies like Twitter is not about whether they have the right to ban people from their platform, it’s about who they consistently target for banning and why, and who they don’t ban, no matter what,” Fawstin told the Gateway Pundit. “Twitter bans Islam critics like me and Laura, acting in full accordance with Shariah blasphemy laws, while allowing Islamic terrorists who murder Americans to spread their propaganda on their platform. That’s evil, whether or not they have the technical ‘right’ to ban whomever they want.”

“For years, I have been raising awareness about Twitter’s alliance with Islamic terrorist organizations and their willingness to platform enemies of America,” Loomer said. “This is a concept I have referred to as Silicon Sharia, as Twitter has shown they have no problem banning millions of Americans for their constitutionally protected speech, including myself and sitting President Donald Trump during our elections, while they happily provide a platform for recruitment and propaganda for actual terrorists.”

Meanwhile, Loomer and Fawstin remained banned from Twitter themselves. However, Loomer will not back down from her divisive rhetoric. She claims to remain a proud Islamophobe.

Read the full article here.

CORRECTION: Loomer previously announced to be running for the second time in Florida’s 21st district. However, she withdrew before the Republican primary and has since announced to be running in the 11th district instead.

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Rep. Dean Phillips Steps Down from House Democratic Leadership Amid Calls for Primary Challenger to President Biden



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In a surprising move, Rep. Dean Phillips, a Democrat from Minnesota, recently announced his resignation from his leadership role within the Democratic Party.

The decision, while not forced, was made amidst growing tension within the caucus over his public calls for a primary challenger to President Joe Biden in the 2024 election.

Phillips, who served as a co-chair of the House Democratic Policy and Communications Committee (DPCC), revealed his decision on Sunday, stating, “I have decided to step down from the DPCC & Democratic Caucus leadership.”

He acknowledged that his outspoken stance on the 2024 presidential race had created a rift within the party, stating, “While politics & official work do not mix, it’s clear my convictions about 2024 are incongruent with the position of my colleagues & that was causing discomfort. I was not pressured or forced to resign.”

According to reports from Fox News, sources confirmed that Phillips had not been pushed out of his leadership role and that, in general, party leadership had been supportive of him. However, his public criticism of President Biden had caused disruption and discomfort within the caucus.

The breaking point appears to have been a House Democratic Caucus meeting where Rep. Sydney Kamlager-Dove, a Democrat from California, openly criticized Phillips for suggesting that President Biden should step aside in favor of a primary challenge. This incident reportedly marked the first time Phillips realized the extent of the discomfort his position was causing among some fellow Democrats.

After the meeting, Phillips approached Kamlager-Dove on the House floor, questioning why she had not raised her concerns with him privately. This exchange highlighted the divisions within the party regarding the issue of a primary challenge to President Biden.

Notably, sources have indicated that Phillips may be considering larger political ambitions, including a potential run for the presidency, a notion he had previously floated. In August, Phillips urged fellow Democrats to enter the 2024 presidential race and suggested that President Biden should “pass the torch” to new leaders. During a recent podcast appearance, Phillips hinted at the possibility of running against Biden, stating, “I haven’t ruled it out,” but also acknowledging the challenges of running without national name recognition.

In the wake of his resignation from the DPCC and Democratic Caucus leadership, Rep. Phillips expressed his appreciation for House Minority Whip Hakeem Jeffries and DPCC Chair Rep. Joe Neguse, applauding their leadership styles and principles. Phillips’ departure from leadership marks a significant development in the ongoing debate within the Democratic Party about its direction and potential presidential contenders for 2024.

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