The lawyer representing a former FBI informant demanded Wednesday that Attorney General Jeff Sessions open an investigation into unauthorized and falsified leaks to the media by “anonymous federal officials.” The informant’s lawyer said the leakers disparaged her client in an effort to silence him from providing testimony to Congress regarding his role in exposing Russia’s long-term strategy to dominate the global uranium market and how Moscow achieved its goal in 2010 of obtaining roughly 20 percent of the U.S. uranium mining industry, according to a letter delivered to the DOJ.

Victoria Toensing is the attorney for William Douglas Campbell, the FBI informant who is providing Congress with troves of documentation he gathered, saved and turned over to the FBI during the nearly six years he worked as an undercover FBI asset when he was a contractor in Russia’s nuclear and energy field. She has also asked Sessions to investigate a December 15 briefing given by “senior officials” to the Senate Judiciary and House Intelligence and Oversight committees “with the same false information that was leaked anonymously to the media and later refuted by the Justice Department,” as stated in her letter.

Victoria Toesning

“The leaks were not only illegal but they were also false, intended to attack the credibility of Mr. Campbell,” said Toensing, referring to the leaks by ‘federal officials’ to the media. She attached a 38-page appendix of documentation disproving the leaks.

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“As such they are libelous,” she added.

Campbell, who had also worked with the CIA during his long overseas career, was interviewed earlier this month by three congressional committees and provided a written statement on his work as an informant and his reason for coming forward with the information, as previously reported. Campbell’s statement alleged that Moscow routed millions of dollars through a Washington D.C. based lobbying firm, which was “expected to give assistance free of charge to the Clinton Global Initiative as part of their effort to create a favorable environment to ensure the Obama administration made affirmative decisions on everything from Uranium One to the U.S.-Russia Civilian Nuclear Cooperation agreement.”

“The leaks were not only illegal but they were also false, intended to attack the credibility of Mr. Campbell”Victoria Toensing


Toensing’s said it’s Campbell’s extensive knowledge and evidence that makes him a target. In a detailed letter, she stated that the unnamed federal sources have been attempting to sully Campbell’s reputation, as well as his decades of work providing vital counterintelligence information to the U.S. government in an attempt to silence him. Toensing noted that leaks to numerous media outlets, attributed to these officials, were meant to distort the truth, discredit Campbell and render him silent.

A Feb. 6, 2018 a letter from Reps. Adam Schiff, D-CA and Elijah Cummings, D-MD to Chairmen Trey Gowdy R-SC and Devin Nunes, R-CA, stated that ‘senior officials’ who briefed the members on Dec. 15, told the House committee staff that Mr. Campbell had “serious credibility concerns.”

However, a week earlier in , DOJ officials stated that the “leaks were not authorized by the Justice Department and did not reflect accurately the official thinking of the department.”

Toensing said that it appeared to be a concerted effort by the unnamed “senior officials” to discredit Campbell from the moment her client decided to go public.

She referenced several articles that she alleges contain false information regarding Campbell. On Nov.16, 2017 a Reuters article by Joel Schectman and on Nov. 17, 2017 a Yahoo News story by Michael Isikoff referred to unnamed federal officials. Both outlets described these officials as having “detailed knowledge” of Campbell’s role as an undercover FBI informant.

In Schectman’s article, “two law enforcement officials with direct involvement in the Rosatom [a corrupt Russian company] bribery case,” claimed they had “no recollection or record of him mentioning the [Uranium One] deal during their repeated interviews with him.”

A radioactive warning sign hangs on fencing around the Anfield's Shootaring Canyon Uranium Mill

But documents provided to the FBI at the time and reviewed by this reporter tell a different story. Campbell kept detailed and meticulous notes and logs. He wrote daily briefings and provided those to the FBI during his time as an informant. In a number of the briefings, Campbell refers to Russia’s desire to get the Obama administration’s approval for the purchase of the Canadian mining company Uranium One and the effort the Russian government put into garnering approval from the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States to purchase Uranium One in the Fall of 2010. In fact, the contract he signed with the Russian company specifically cited the company Uranium One and Russia’s desire to gain approval for the purchase.

“That claim is false,” said Toensing, referring to Schectman’s story. “Mr. Campbell complained bitterly when the Uranium One deal was made public and one of his FBI agent handlers told him the decision was about “politics.”  Throughout the investigation, Mr. Campbell provided documents to the FBI discussing Uranium One.”

The Yahoo News article by Isikoff also claimed that Campbell never mentioned his concerns regarding the U.S. approval to sell Uranium One to the FBI. The federal officials in the Yahoo News story, however, stated also that Campbell was “so unreliable that prosecutors dropped him as a witness in an unrelated case involving Russian uranium sales.”

“U.S. Attorney’s office for Baltimore mishandled the case” Victoria Toensing

Toensing said in the letter that the federal officials lied to Isikoff stating, “the case was not ‘unrelated’ but was the main target of the undercover investigation.  It was the indictment of Vadim Mikerin, Head of Uranium Directorate, Tenex (Moscow) and President of Tenam, USA, two of the corrupt Russian nuclear energy firms about which Mr. Campbell had been providing evidence of bribes and kickbacks.”

She stated that anyone with “knowledge of federal prosecution and national security knows that as a general rule the government does not put an informant with over 30 years of undercover work for the CIA and the FBI on the witness stand. All his past undercover work would have to be revealed to defense counsel.”

Toensing argued that the FBI’s payment of $50,000 to Campbell in January 2016, long after all the defendants in the Russian nuclear bribery case pled guilty, showed his worth as an informant for the DOJ, as reported earlier.

“U.S. Attorney’s office for Baltimore mishandled the case,” Toensing added. “It filed a complaint without ever talking to Mr. Campbell. Then the office interviewed him and filed an indictment improperly claiming he was a “victim,” a term he never used when talking to the prosecutor.  As a matter of law, a willing informant is not a victim. The wording of the indictment was not Mr. Campbell’s responsibility.”

Not long before the 2016 presidential election, Campbell filed a civil lawsuit attempting to recover roughly $500,000 he had lost during his time working undercover but was threatened with the loss of his reputation and freedom if he didn’t withdraw the lawsuit by the Fraud Section of the Justice Department, then under Attorney General Loretta Lynch, according to documents reviewed by this reporter. Campbell fearing that would occur and then under a non-disclosure agreement, which was lifted last year, withdrew his lawsuit, as reported.

Toensing said it appears those threats against Campbell are being carried out and “senior officials are covertly and overtly maligning him for telling the truth.  The illegal conduct of these “senior officials” is appalling and we ask it be investigated and those responsible be held accountable.”

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  1. Why is it that Sessions won’t create a special counsel when it appears it is clearly needed?
    There was far less fan fare when Mueller was appointed with little or no evidence.
    Is it, that everyone has something on everyone else in DC?

  2. Sara is right over the target . . .

    This informant is about to be joined by “many more whistleblowers” as we approach the release of IG Michael Horowitz Report.

  3. If the issue is loss of reputation, wouldn’t this represent a civil matter in which DOJ would not have jurisdiction?

    If the information is false, then the information couldn’t seemingly be classified and subject to protection.

    Not sure what is mean’t by “illegal information”….

    Seems like the best case for DOJ investigation would be regarding witness intimidation.

  4. Ah, Jeff Sessions quietly created an FBI counterintelligence unit in August to investigate leaks…one wonders if these leaks were a result of that unit releasing false stories to govt officials to see which ones leak so they can smoke them out. Everything is not what it seems…big things coming…

  5. Maybe he is waiting for the Inspector General’s bombshell report in March?

    Is this why the bright and camera-loving Trey Gowdy stepped down? Will he become a Soecial Prosecutor? Such a job would be a multi-year commitment, so maybe he is taking time to catch up, take some R&R, and get ready for WaterGate 2.0?

  6. 1. If classified information is released, or libel, slander, or obstruction of justice.

    2. Reportedly 27 leak investigations ongoing. Also IG report. I hope Horowitz is a straight shooter.

    3. Rumors that anywhere from 1 to 5 of the FBI / DOJ officials working with Horowitz in exchange for a reduced sentence – Page, Strzok, Priestap have been mentioned.

    4. As Sara has mentioned, Priestap very interesting. Assistant Director of the FBI Counterintelligence Division, married to Sabina Menschel, President and COI of Nardello & Co., a top worldwide investigation firm. Also the daughter of a multi Billion Wall Street investment firm.

  7. Attacking the credibility of a witness is the usual response to allegations, but I think this is skating into the realm of witness tampering. Outright lies in an attempt to persuade a witness they’re wasting their time, or giving them the impression they’ll be harmed for their testimony, is something the government should never try; especially when the fabricated leaks of information may be coming from those that may be severely impacted by the investigation.

  8. hmm, let me do the math: William Jefferson Clinton was POTUS from ’93-’01. That would put his inauguration at 25 years ago. I look forward to the books, testimonies, cable news appearances and all out truth telling campaigns of the newly up for retirement Secret Service, Capital Police, FBI and DOJ career personnel that can blow the whistle and the Bonnie and Clyde of American politics. Let the lawyering up begin!

  9. Sara, you are doing great work! Your reporting is spot on and has shown to be the truth over the past year like no other reporter. Keep “snooping around” and please, please be careful!

  10. May God bless you. More than that, if there’s ANYTHING I can do to help you, Jason Goodman, Sibel Edmonds, David Seeaman, George Webb and others through whatever it is I am doing which, by the look of my link, ain’t much … but it is ’cause the Funk must return to American life. Liberalism is void of the Funk, the love, the strength. Cowards all. Scum. Every last one. Jes’ sayin’….

  11. Thanks for all your excellent reporting Sara. If it wasn’t for patriots like you I’m not sure we’d ever have these scandals see the light of day. We need to keep fighting for justice, it’s the only way forward. God bless!

  12. Great article-Keep them coming! Justice seems so slow in protecting our great country, but with journalists like you we will get there.

  13. Morons. Demons. Trump., Kushner, and their Orc army are chopping up America like kindling and giving it away, andthis is what you Confederate rabble care about?

    I hope there is a hell, like the one you believe in , because that’s where you are all going, soon.

  14. No, the issue is law breaking by department of justice officials. No special counsel needed, just normal frogmarch and prosecution.

  15. Dear Sara: superb reporting! Keep it up, check your updates daily! Need truth in these very dishonest “reporting” from main stream media. I watch all cable nees channels to get all perspectives…cnn and msnbc so tilted..also, check out Broward Co SO official website. Many public statements fr Oct 2017 forward just bunch of public feelgood statements, obviously not folled thru

  16. Dear Sara: superb reporting! Keep it up, check your updates daily! Need truth in these very dishonest “reporting” from main stream media. I watch all cable nees channels to get all perspectives…cnn and msnbc so tilted..also, check out Broward Co SO official website. Many public statements fr Oct 2017 forward just bunch of public feelgood statements, obviously not followed thru on..public posts re reporting concerns and one on mental health

  17. BP, I hope the Orc army is coming for you soon. Mentally deranged people can harm themselves. You would be better served in a mental Facility listening to tapes of Hillary laughing 24/7.

  18. I remember reading a couple of months ago about Campbell and Hillary dismissed him as faulty, via one of her minions, and the media ate it up. Nothing will happen. Look at McCabe, soon he’ll have his $1.5 million pension and will be laughing at us in spite of flagrant crimes committed.

    Sara Carter ( I love you!), John Solomon, and others have exposed names, places and dates of crime after crime with no official action let alone response. The Deep State is still firmly in charge.

  19. Could you give some specifics? No you can’t, however Hillary and Barry sold 20% of our uranium to Putin, does that count?

  20. I know who is in the deep state. I have a story for you that will be the scandal of all scandals. Interested?

  21. We all know special counsel’s are a waste of time. I think Jeff is compiling a very strong case of facts. These will be brought to light along with the IG report. Why do you think all the hysteria is going on from the left? The post school shooting narratives, etc all all a form of deflection away from what is surely to burry all the corrupt swamp dwellers in a pine box.

  22. 1. the Internal Revenue Service and other federal agencies from the BATF, NLRB, ATF, OSHA,Texas Commission on Environmental Quality, the state’s environmental agency launched unscheduled audits were illegally used to target and harass the president’s political enemies. Lois Lerner, Holly Paz.
    2. illegal sale of arms to Mexican traffickers for purposes that to this date have not been adequately explained, and those guns have been used to murder American law-enforcement officers. Attorney General Eric Holder, Deputy Attorney General David W. Ogden, Assistant Attorney General Lanny A. Breuer, acting ATF Director Kenneth E. Melson, Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) Administrator Michele Leonhart, Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation Robert Mueller and the top federal prosecutors in the Southwestern border states. They decided on a strategy to identify and eliminate entire arms trafficking networks rather than low-level buyers(gun control was the ultimate goal). Those at the meeting apparently did suggest using the “gun walking” tactic.
    3. Hillary routinely misled investigators, obstructed investigations, and hid or destroyed evidence. Justin Cooper, John Podesta, Doug Band, Terry McAuliffe, Laura Graham, Huma Adadin, Cherle Mills, Philippe Reines, Paul Combetta, Loretta Lynch, James Comey, Barrack Obama, Bryan Pagliano,John Kirby, Lisa Page,Peter Strzok. All were either her inner circle and lawyers(client/lawyer privilege), IT specialist, knew about the server, received amnesty for no testimony, covered up her crimes. See each and their relation to the crime.
    4. The Obama administration made ransom payments to the Iranian government and lied about having done so.
    5. “green” energy projects, the Obama administration shunted money to politically connected cronies at Solyndra and elsewhere.
    6. Too little, too late for veterans under Obama. It was midway into his second term that things got especially ugly. The secret wait list scandal of 2014 revealed a VA that was more worried about its reputation than the veterans it was charged to support. To appear like it was treating veterans in a timely fashion, VA health care officials hid veterans with particularly long waits on unofficial lists, which caused many of them to suffer unbearable delays in treatment. At least 293 veterans died while on these wait-lists a problem confirmed to be systematic at VA facilities nationwide. Yet in spite of this travesty the VA distributed over $140 million in bonuses in 2014. Only 9 administrators were fired.
    7. Under the flimsiest of national-security pretexts, the Obama administration used the Department of Justice to spy on Fox News reporter James Rosen. It also spied on the Associated Press.
    8. Uranium One-Today’s topic.

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