Armed FBI Agents Arrest Roger Stone In Predawn Raid

ORLANDO, FLORIDA – Sept. 14, 2017: Roger Stone at Book Signing Party.

The FBI raided the Florida home of long time associate of President Trump Roger Stone, whose been under investigation by Roger Mueller’s Special Counsel in the Russian election interference investigation.

CNN was the only network to have the video of the predawn raid. The video shows an FBI agent banging on the door and shouting “FBI open the door! FBI, warrant!”

Stone was indicted Thursday by a Grand Jury but is not accused of coordinating with Russia’s election election interference. Instead, Mueller’s office has charged him with witness tampering, obstruction and false statements, according to the indictment. DOJ spokesman Peter Carr said in an email that Stone will appear before a federal judge in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, at 11 a.m. ET.

“Roger Jason Stone, Jr., 66, of Fort Lauderdale, Florida, was arrested in Fort Lauderdale today following an indictment by a federal grand jury on Jan. 24, 2019, in the District of Columbia,” a statement released by the Special Counsel states.

“The indictment, which was unsealed upon arrest, contains seven counts: one count of obstruction of an official proceeding, five counts of false statements, and one count of witness tampering,” the statement reveals. 

The CNN Video

It appeared from the video that half-dozen police vehicles, at least a dozen officers and FBI agents with large weapons in tactical vests stormed Stone’s home. Stone, who was in his pajamas, came to his doorway.

“Are you Roger Stone?” an FBI agent asks the disheveled Stone, who was wearing pajamas and glasses.

“Yes,” replies Stone.

The indictment reveals Stone’s conversations about the stolen Democratic emails posted by WikiLeaks just weeks before Trump won the election.

“After the July 22, 2016, release of stolen (Democratic National Committee) emails by Organization 1, a senior Trump Campaign official was directed to contact STONE about any additional releases and what other damaging information Organization 1 had regarding the Clinton Campaign,” according to the indictment. “STONE thereafter told the Trump Campaign about potential future releases of damaging material by Organization 1.”

Organization 1 is referring to Wikileaks, which later released the damaging emails.

Mueller’s Indictment

According to the indictment, on October 7, 2016, after WikiLeaks released the first batch of emails connected to then campaign chairman John Podesta’s emails, Stone received a text message from “an associate of the high-ranking Trump campaign official.”
The text message said “well done.”  The Trump campaign knew about Stone’s involvement in seeking information on the Democrats, the complaint states.
The indictment does not name either the associate or the high-ranking campaign official. It, however, describes Stone telling a reporter that Assange has unreleased emails that would be good for the campaign.
“I’d tell [the high-ranking Trump Campaign official] but he doesn’t call me back,” said Stone in an email, according to the indictment.

“By in or around early August 2016, STONE was claiming both publicly and privately to have communicated with Organization 1,” the indictment states. “By in or around mid-August 2016, Organization 1 made a public statement denying direct communication with STONE.”

Stone claims that his communication with “(WikiLeaks) had occurred through a person STONE described as a ‘mutual friend,’ ‘go-between,’ and ‘intermediary.’ STONE also continued to communicate with members of the Trump Campaign about Organization 1 and its intended future releases.”

Stone Charged with Lying to Congress and Special Counsel

The Special Counsel’s office stated that Stone’s testimony to Congress was a lie, the indictment states. Further, he is also being charged with lying to the Special Counsel about “his communications with the Trump Campaign” about Wikileaks.
After Wikileaks released its second batch of emails, Stone bragged to “senior Trump Campaign officials” that he had correctly predicted the data dump, according to the indictment.
Stone has stated publicly that he had no knowledge about when WikiLeaks would release the emails.
The indictment points to a letter Stone wrote to the House Intelligence Committee on May, 22, 2017, where Stone states he “has no documents, records, or electronically stored information, regardless of form, other than those widely available that reasonably could lead to the discovery of any facts within the investigation’s publicly-announced parameters.”
Later on Sept. 26, 2017, Stone testified to the committee that “these hearings are largely based on a yet unproven allegation that the Russian state is responsible for the hacking of the DNC and [the Clinton Campaign chairman] and the transfer of that information” to WikiLeaks.

“Members of this Committee had made certain “assertions against me which must be rebutted here today,” he stated.

The indictment referred to Stone’s assertions:

“[t]he charge that I knew in advance about, and predicted, the hacking of Clinton campaign chairman[’s] email, [and] that I had advanced knowledge of the source or actual content of the [Organization 1] disclosures regarding Hillary Clinton.”