Arizona Teens Arrested For Possession of 3,000 Deadly Fentanyl Pills

Three teenagers from San Luis, Arizona were arrested Wednesday for possession of over 3,000 deadly fentanyl pills, according to numerous news reports.

San Luis police made the arrests while the three teens were attending summer school classes at San Luis High School. Police identified the suspects as two 18-year-old female students, Noemi Hernandez-Madrigal and Alessandra Cardenas-Hernandez and a male minor whose name wasn’t made public.

The 3,200 pills found in the three’s possession is more than enough to kill thousands of people and many times people who purchase these pills have no idea they are mixed with deadly Fentanyl.

According to San Luis police Lieutenant Marco Santana, half of each pill is enough to kill one person. Further, Santana said the bust is worth over $30 million. This reporter spoke to Santana who said the pills were likely from Mexico, but it hasn’t been confirmed. Further, Santana explained, “It’s [Fentanyl] clandestinely made on the Mexico side by the Mexican cartels across the border.”

Retired Phoenix Police detective Robert Arce reported for Breitbart Monday that San Luis lies on the U.S. Mexico border. Earlier this year, reported on a new fentanyl street pill dubbed “Mexican Oxy.”

Arce appeared as anexpert in Sara Carter’s documentary Not In Vein, which is being used as an educational tool across the country to warn about the deadly drug cartels and its increasingly dangerous narcotics being trafficked across the nation.

The new synthetic drug is being brought into the U.S. by the Mexican cartels. Fentanyl, as Former Special Agent in Charge of the DOJ Derek Maltz puts it, is “poison” that the Mexican cartels use to kill Americans. The pill is spiking the rate of overdose deaths in the U.S. Southwest and its being trafficked by the Mexican cartels across the border.

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