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Arizona priest says he wouldn’t give Biden communion: ‘Over my dead body’



William Kosco

An Arizona priest has vowed to never give President Joe Biden communion until he publicly repents for his sins.

Rev. William Kosco of St. Henry Catholic Church in Buckeye, AZ delivered a sermon on Feb. 7 condemning Biden’s views on abortion and telling parishioners “his ideas are not welcome here.”

“You are welcome here even if you’re pro-abortion but your ideas are not welcome here, and they will be given no quarter,” Rev. Kosco said.

“The same with Joe Biden. He’s a Catholic. He’s a member of the family. If for some reason he would be in Buckeye on a Sunday, Joe Biden is welcome to come to mass here. His ideas are not welcome here.”

Kosco went on to say that he would not give Biden communion until he publicly repents.

“And if you ask me a follow-up question: Would you give him communion? No. Over my dead body. Not until he repents. He’s a public figure. He needs to publicly repent, and we need to pray for his conversion.”

Biden is a the second Catholic president in U.S. history. He often cites Saint Augustine and hymns in his speeches and carries a rosary that belonged to his son Beau.

Many Catholic priests have said that Biden cannot be offered communion due to his support of same-sex marriage and abortion.

“We just recently elected a Catholic President, and he is Catholic, he is baptized, he is a member of the family. We just elected a Catholic President who is diametrically opposed to all of the basic, moral principles that are proclaimed by the Roman Catholic Church. Not only abortion, and the sanctity of human life, but the sanctity of marriage and this gender silliness,” Kosco said.

“How in the world did that happen?” Kosco questioned. “A Catholic! I’ll tell you if he wasn’t Catholic I probably wouldn’t be so upset. He’s a member of my family.”

Watch the full sermon here.

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Uvalde, TX Mayor Calls Beto O’Rourke a ‘Sick Son of a B****’ After he Heckled Gov. Abbott’s Presser



beto orourke e1614864626781

The vile act of politicizing horrific tragedies such as the Uvalde, Texas elementary school massacre, has been in full force. Democrat Beto O’Rourke “was escorted out of Texas Republican Gov. Greg Abbott’s press conference Wednesday after he showed up and heckled the governor in the middle of an update on the elementary school massacre in Uvalde” reports The Blaze.

Beto is a former congressman from El Paso, Texas as well as a Democratic presidential nominee briefly for the 2020  elections. During his time, he campaigned hard on his support for a mandatory gun buyback scheme.

The Blaze reported on Beto’s behavior at Abbott’s press conference:

As Abbott was finishing his remarks to reporters, O’Rourke, the Democratic candidate for governor, stood up and began speaking about the need for gun control legislation.

“Excuse me,” Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick said as O’Rourke ignored him and went on about how “the time has come to put a stop” to gun violence. O’Rourke did not have a microphone, and most of his comments were inaudible.

“Sit down!” shouted Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) as the Democrat kept speaking.

“You’re out of line and an embarrassment!” Patrick told O’Rourke, while others began raising their voices.

“You are doing nothing!” O’Rourke yelled at Abbott as police officers began to march him out of the room.

“You need to get his a** out of here, this isn’t the place to talk this over,” said Uvalde Mayor Don Mclaughlin, calling O’Rourke a “sick son of a b****.”

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