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Arizona House passes critical race theory ban across schools, universities, and government



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Arizona state House passed two bills Wednesday banning all public employees from teaching critical race theory in schools, universities, and government. Now, those who teach this banned curriculum will be fined $5,000.

Rep. Jake Hoffman “pulled no punches” on his floor speech leading up to the vote on SB-1532, calling a curriculum that perpetuates critical race theory “morally reprehensible and worthy of our society’s strongest condemnation.” He also sponsored SB-1074, which went the extra step in banning public employees from teaching the theory.

But opponents of the bills, all Democrats, called it them “teacher gag bills.” Rep. Jennifer Pawlik pointed at the already decreasing number of teachers in the state. Across the state, 1,728 teaching positions are unfilled. “Will this cause more teachers to leave the profession?” she asked the floor.

Rep. Aaron Lieberman voted against the bill. “We need to trust teachers, not gag them!” Lieberman said in a floor speech.

However, Hoffman assured his fellow legislators that teachers will still be able to teach facts. There is nothing in the bill banning “factual inequity,” like the history of slavery in this country. Instead, the bill bans concepts like “one race or sex is inherently superior” or “an individual by virtue of the individual’s race or sex is inherently privileged, racist or oppressive.”

“America is not racist,” Hoffman said, echoing Sen. Tim Scott (R-SC) and President Biden’s statements from earlier this week. “The state of Arizona should not use precious tax payer resources to teach racism to public employees period.”

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House proposes Resolution to remove VP Kamala Harris from position as border czar



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It has been two entire years since President Joe Biden named his Vice President Kamala Harris as ‘border czar.’ Her responsibilities included heading up solutions for our border crisis. However, House Republicans say her dismal performance should get her fired from the role; a role she seems to care very little about.

“Kamala Harris has done nothing to ‘address the root cause of migration’ or stop the influx of illegal immigrants coming across our border daily. She continues to sit by as the number of illegal immigrants coming across our border skyrockets, fentanyl deaths explode, and CBP officers are left to fend for themselves. She has completely betrayed the American people by blatantly disregarding her duties as Border Czar,” Republican Texas Representative Ronny Jackson told the Daily Caller before introducing his resolution.

On Friday, Jackson reintroduced a resolution which unequivocally calls for Vice President Kamala Harris to be removed from her position as border czar. “Enough is enough! President Biden must remove Kamala Harris and replace her with someone who will put Americans first and stop the crisis at our southern border. Politics should never compromise our national security. We need change now!,” Jackson added.

The resolution begins:

Expressing the sense of the House of Representatives that Vice President Kamala Harris should be removed from her position as the head of the Biden administration’s strategy to address the root causes of migration.

The resolution concludes:

Whereas our southern border is less safe now than it ever has  been; and  Whereas U.S. Customs and Border Protection is overwhelmed and lacks resources needed due to Vice President Har-ris’s refusal to address the issues: Now, therefore, be it
 Resolved, That the House of Representatives urges
the Biden administration to—
(1) remove Vice President Kamala Harris as
the head of any executive branch task force or strat-
egy relating to immigration;
(2) appoint an experienced and competent lead-

er to replace Vice President Kamala Harris as the
head of the Biden administration’s strategy to ad-
dress the root causes of migration;
(3) recognize that border security is national se-
(4) immediately provide U.S. Customs and Bor-
der Protection with the adequate support and re-
sources to do their job effectively and adequately;
(5) immediately reinistate the Migrant Protec-
tion Protocols;
(6) take action to protect American commu-
nities from fentanyl; and
(7) stop allowing politics in Washington to
cloud their judgment regarding policies implemented
at the southern border.


In February, Jackson also introduced a bill requiring executive branch officials tasked with immigration policy to visit the southern border and issue reports about conditions.


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