Arizona AG: Biden ‘incentivizing’ migrants ‘to break the law and come here’

On Tuesday, Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich (R) argued that the Biden administration is “essentially incentiviz[ing] people to break the law and come here” regarding the recent surge of migrants crossing the U.S.-Mexico border and President Joe Biden‘s immigration policy changes, during Tuesday’s episode of “The Sara Carter Show” podcast.

Joining host Sara Carter, the border-state attorney general discussed his office’s two immigration-related lawsuits against the Biden administration, as well as the deteriorating situation at the southern border and its knock-on effects. Carter herself had just returned from a trip to the border, where she had the opportunity to interview various migrants crossing it, including unaccompanied children.

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Describing his first and “foremost” lawsuit, Brnovich, who has served as his state’s attorney general since 2015, cited a Biden policy “that basically or essentially stopped deportations.”

“As a result of that pause [on deportations], you literally have people in this country that are supposed to be deported, that are still here,” said the attorney general, whose mother immigrated from modern-day Montenegro during the communist regime. “So there are approximately 1—1.2 million people that right now—right now, in this country—have deportation orders, that are supposed to be deported out of the United States, and are not being deported because of the Biden administration.”

Later, Brnovich went on to detail his second lawsuit, which he said pertains to “what I call what the Biden administration is doing to essentially incentivize people to break the law and come here”.

That is, he said, “by basically not defending—at the U.S. Supreme Court—a case that involves the public charge rule, which basically, […] it’s a law that’s been on the book for 100 years.”

“President Trump created […] restrictions on who can get a green card, who can get citizenship based on their ability to support themselves or their sponsor’s ability to support themselves,” Brnovich continued, calling it a “common-sense measure”.

Saying that “the Biden administration, even though they won at one of the appellate courts, has abandoned that appeal,” the Arizona Republican explained that “we’re trying to step in, and we’re saying this rule is constitutional, and that the Biden administration should be defending it at the Supreme Court.”

“And if they’re not going to defend it,” Brnovich added, “then I will defend it at the Supreme Court, just as I recently did with Arizona’s election laws…”

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