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Antisemitic Messages Spreading Amid Fight For Racial Justice. Here Are The Facts.



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Since the tragic killing of George Floyd by a Minneapolis Police officer on Memorial Day, there has been an uptick in misinformation spreading on social media. Tweets from celebrities and anti-semites suggesting all Jews are white, liberal and of European descent couldn’t be farther from the truth and these lies come at a time when the truth is what’s needed the most in our national conversation.

Like all religions, Judaism is comprised of people of various skin tones. For example, there are approximately 150,000 Jews of Ethiopian descent throughout the world. The community is known as Beta Israel. In fact, more than 119,000 of Ethiopian Jews now live in Israel, and about 1,000 live right here in the United States.

For thousands of years, when a society undergoes civil unrest, Jews tend to be used as scapegoats. It happened during the Black Plague and in places like Nazi Germany and the former Soviet Union.

“Seeing the rapper Ice Cube retweeting and posting anti-Semitic things is frustrating because there are so many Jews that for years, have stood up when it comes to racial injustices and holding people accountable,” Alma Hernandez (D), a Mexican-American Jew who serves in the Arizona House of Representatives, told this reporter.

Hernandez, 27, has been a victim of police brutality herself. When Hernandez was 14, a police officer broke up a fight between her and two white women by violently tackling her to the ground, which resulted in a spinal injury she still suffers from to this day. She has used her platform as an elected leader to speak out against anti-Semitism and police violence.

“When I speak about this it’s obviously from a very different perspective because not only am I a Jew of color but I have experienced police brutality,” she said. “Sometimes it’s difficult for me to talk about it because I’ve lived through it.”

Hernandez is disheartened by bad actors who have hijacked otherwise peaceful demonstrations.

“When people are marching in California and thinking it’s okay to vandalize synagogues and write ‘Free Palestine’ on the walls…it always turns into that conversation, it’s always bringing in these groups that will never support Israel or highlight anything good the Jewish nation has done,” she added. “Being silent is not an option right now.”

More than 2,000 miles away from Arizona in New York City, Dov Hikind has taken it upon himself to be an advocate for Jewish Americans. Hikind (D), 69, who served as a New York City assemblymen for 35 years, has spoken out on the rise of the oldest hatred across the U.S.

“It’s nothing new,” Hikind told this reporter. “Jews have been blamed for coronavirus. It’s no surprise because this is part of what we’re used to. Whenever there is a challenge, we know this. It’s historically true. People look for a scapegoat to blame their problems on, which is easier than taking responsibility.”

Hikind led a solidarity march on June 7 in New York City. He says “we can do better, we need to do better, we are one American family, and we need to start acting like it.”

“Most people are focusing on the terrible tragedy of Floyd, which everyone admits,” said Hikind. “But what about all the people who had small stores that were looted and now they can’t go back? What about people who were killed during the riots? Does that get much attention? Absolutely not. That’s an injustice. A human life is a human life.”

Hikind says that “white privilege” does not exist in 21st century America.

“Are there white people who are privileged? Yes. Are there black people who are privileged? Yes,” he said. “Think of some of the people who are white or Asian who did not get into a university because of reverse discrimination or a quota system. The broad painting of the entire world by skin color is not healthy. We are all individuals.”

Hikind also mentioned that the attack on free speech is reminiscent of what has taken place in communist societies throughout history.

“You don’t have to agree with me. I have the right to have my point of view as you have a right to have your point of view. But that’s only a one-way street,” Hikind said. “If you’re a progressive, your view should be my view. It’s utter hypocrisy.”

He noted that most of the major cities have been run by the Democratic Party for generations and that many of these cities are currently run by black mayors.

Hikind also pointed out the double standard of New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio singling out the Jewish community, by ordering the NYPD to remove Orthodox Jews from city parks or prevent them from praying at synagogues while violent criminals are allowed to wreak havoc on businesses across the five boroughs.

“De Blasio has been mayor for almost seven full years and NOW he’s going to make things better?” Hikind said. will continue to cover issues of racial and religious discrimination across the United States.

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The Tate Brothers and Associates Face Human Trafficking Charges in Romania



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In a recent development, the Tate brothers, Andrew and Tristan, along with two associates, find themselves at the center of a high-profile case involving human trafficking allegations.

The charges leveled against them indicate the formation of an organized criminal group in 2021 with the intent to carry out human trafficking operations not only in Romania but also in the United States and the United Kingdom, according to the BBC.

The investigation, which led to their arrest in December last year, has culminated in an indictment filed with the Bucharest court. According to the indictment, the Tate brothers are accused of luring their victims with false promises of love and marriage. Seven individuals have been identified as alleged victims, who were later coerced and subjected to a harrowing ordeal.

Prosecutors contend that the victims were taken to locations in Ilfov county, Romania, where they faced constant surveillance, intimidation, and control. The defendants allegedly forced the victims into debt and coerced them into participating in pornographic activities, with the explicit material subsequently shared on social media platforms. Shockingly, one of the defendants is accused of raping a woman on two occasions in March 2022, further amplifying the gravity of the charges.

While the trial is not expected to commence immediately, as a Romanian judge is granted 60 days to inspect the case files, it is anticipated to be a protracted legal battle. The complexity of the case and the severity of the charges will undoubtedly result in a lengthy trial process, with several years potentially passing before a verdict is reached.

Representatives for the Tate brothers released a statement acknowledging the unsurprising nature of the news but maintaining their belief in their innocence.

As reported by the BBC, the Tate brothers media team stared, “While this news is undoubtedly predictable, we embrace the opportunity it presents to demonstrate their innocence and vindicate their reputation.”

They expressed their eagerness to present a comprehensive body of evidence meticulously collected over time, which they believe will substantiate their claims of innocence and restore their tarnished reputation.

However, it should be noted that additional charges, such as money laundering and trafficking of minors, are still under investigation. If evidence is uncovered to support these allegations, a separate indictment could be filed, further complicating the legal proceedings for the defendants.

Andrew Tate, who gained notoriety through his participation in the reality television show Big Brother, has a controversial past, having been removed from the show in 2016 following a video that appeared to depict him assaulting a woman.

Despite subsequent bans on social media platforms due to his contentious statements, he has managed to amass a following, particularly among young men, by promoting an ostentatious and hyper-masculine lifestyle.

As the case unfolds, public attention will undoubtedly be drawn to the trial, with many eagerly awaiting the outcome and hoping for justice to be served for the alleged victims. The complex web of charges and the high-profile nature of the defendants ensure that this trial will be closely monitored and scrutinized by the media and the public alike.

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