Antifa rioters attack Andy Ngo again over Memorial Day weekend

Journalist Andy Ngô told the story of Antifa’s most recent attack in a series of tweets Wednesday. He also appeared on the Ingraham Angle to talk at length about his narrow escape from the angry mob.

Ngô was undercover, reporting on the most recent riots in Portland, Oregon Friday, when some rioters approached him. “I think what gave it away though was they paid attention to the fact that I wasn’t engaging in criminal activities,” Ngô said. According to him, they snatched his mask, recognized him and shouted: “That’s him! Get him! Get him!”

Next, “I was chased, attacked and beaten by a masked mob, baying for my blood,” the journalist said. Luckily, he found shelter in a nearby hotel, and eventually was treated by EMTs who arrived at the scene. Meanwhile, rioters banged on the doors to the hotel. The last time Ngô came under a violent attack was in April of this year, while he covered a similar riot in Portland. In 2019, he was beaten so badly while covering ANTIFA that he suffered brain hemmorrages.

“Antifa wants me dead because I document what they want to stay hidden,” Ngô tweeted. “The attacks against me and threats on my life are retribution for my work as a journalist . . . But it is the right of every journalist, protected and preserved by the founding fathers, to report freely without fear.”

Later, police only arrested one of Ngô’s many attackers from that night. The man was charged with felony unlawful use of a weapon, felony attempted assault, felony riot and other crimes. But, “His bail was immediately covered by an Antifa bail fund group,” Ngô tweeted.

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