Anti-Trump Lincoln Project members pocketed large consulting fees, expensed tens of millions: report

Source: Twitter//The Lincoln Project

The Associated Press did a deep dive into the anti-Trump Super PAC The Lincoln Project and discovered that out of the $90 million it raised only a third of the money was used for direct advertisements against former President Donald Trump on cable and television.

The analysis conducted by Kantar/CMAG tens of millions went to exorbitant consulting fees and expenses by those working with the now-disgraced group, whose co-founder John Weaver, has now been removed after inappropriate sexual behavior was exposed.

Fox News recently reported that Weaver went on medical leave due to a cardiac episode. He did so after the organization became aware of a New York Post story looking into his inappropriate online behavior with dozens of men, promising jobs for sexual favors. Weaver is married with children.

Byron York, a columnist for The Washington Examiner, noted that some of the other co-founders of the group who were in financial straits may have some explaining to do.

The Tweet was in response to George Conway’s statement on Twitter that he “never received anything of value from the Lincoln Project, save for one very nice $169 Rode-NT-USB condenser microphone, which Ron Steslow kindly provided to me for podcasting.”

In my opinion, this group of never-Trump political hacks has done nothing but divide the nation and the Republican Party. The forensic analysis is revealing of the kind of corruption the Washington D.C. swamp didn’t want the American people to see or know.

Trump was the obstacle they needed to get rid of so they could continue to hide their corrupt behavior from the rest of the nation. What you are seeing with The Lincoln Project only scratches the surface.

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