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Anti-Israel activists planning ‘day of rage for Gaza’ to take place in New York City



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A “Citywide Day of Rage for Gaza” has been planned by anti-Israel activists at Columbia University and Hunter College in New York City. The coalition announced the event before Columbia said Monday that it would cancel its university-wide commencement ceremony.

The Columbia University event, scheduled to start at 4 p.m. local time at the cross streets of Columbia’s Morningside campus, was planned by Columbia University Apartheid Divest, which describes itself as a coalition of nearly 100 student groups “that see Palestine as the vanguard for our collective liberation” and a “continuation of the Vietnam anti-war movement.”

Just The News reports flyers have been distributed:

The Within Our Lifetime flyer describes the event as a “CITYWIDE DAY OF RAGE FOR GAZA: From The Encampments To The Streets,” referring to the “Gaza Solidarity Encampment” that started at Columbia and sparked similar protest camps at schools nationwide.

The event at Hunter College, part of the City University of New York system, is scheduled for 5 p.m. at cross streets outside of the Upper East Side school. That event is being planned by Within Our Lifetime, an anti-Zionist group that says it supports “the right of Palestinians as colonized people to resist the zionist occupation by any means necessary,” as well as “the right of all oppressed nationality people in the United States and around the world to engage in all forms of struggle.”

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Leader of the radical pro-Palestine group Manolo De Los Santos arrested in New York



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The head of a radical organization in favor of the Cuban regime and that also openly supports the Hamas terrorist group in New York, was arrested Tuesday after the NYPD evicted an anti-Israel camp at the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) in Manhattan.

A video posted by The People’s Forum (TPF) on X, formerly Twitter, depicts Manolo De Los Santos, executive director of TPF, an anti-Israel organization that sympathizes with the Chinese Communist Party, was arrested by several NYPD officers wearing riot helmets near the institute’s campus on West 27th Street.

On April 29, more than 100 masked activists met in Manhattan at the office of the TPF, an organization backed by American businessman Neville Roy Singham, a self-proclaimed socialist known for financially supporting left-wing causes, to plan their next moves, while protests Anti-Israel protests reach a fever pitch across the country, reports ADN America.

Manolo De Los Santos urged the group to “give Joe Biden a hot summer” and “make it unsustainable for politics as usual in this country.” Likewise, he asked to recreate “the summer of 2020,” in reference to the violence that besieged major cities in the United States months after the death of Minneapolis man George Floyd, according to the Washington Free Beacon.

A few hours after the meeting was called, dozens of protesters illegally broke into Columbia University’s Hamilton Hall and gained entry through a glass-paneled door that one of those involved broke with a hammer.

Police arrived at the scene after being called by Columbia President Minouche Shafik. In total, 44 people were arrested, including two university staff members and 13 “outsiders” who were not affiliated with the school, Columbia confirmed in a news release Thursday.

The People’s Forum, an organization that describes itself as “a movement incubator for working class and marginalized communities,” has been a mainstay of anti-Israel protests since Hamas’ attack on the Jewish state on October 7, 2023.

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