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Anecdote Raises Eyebrows as Montana Senate Race Heats Up



United States Congress

A new book by journalist Ben Terris titled “The Big Break: The Gamblers, Party Animals, and True Believers Trying to Win in Washington While America Loses Its Mind,” has shed light on an unexpected incident involving Montana Democratic Senator Jon Tester. In the book, Terris recounts an incident where Tester relieved himself in a pea field during a visit to his Montana farm, with the journalist present.

According to Terris, Tester, who is also a working farmer, answered nature’s call next to his tractor in an organic pea field without covering himself up. The author further reveals that a press aide, coincidentally with seven fingers like the senator, approached Terris afterward and requested that the incident involving Tester’s exposed anatomy be kept off the record.

The incident has raised eyebrows and generated curiosity surrounding the senator’s actions and the subsequent efforts to prevent it from becoming public knowledge.

Interestingly, this revelation comes as Tester faces a new challenger for his Senate seat. Tim Sheehy, a businessman, firefighting pilot, and former Navy SEAL, recently announced his candidacy. Sheehy’s announcement came in an exclusive interview with Fox News. 

Sheehy emphasized the need for “a new generation of leadership” and positioned himself as an alternative to the incumbent senator. The Montana Senate race is considered crucial in the 2024 election cycle. With a win over Senator Tester, Sheehy could potentially be the key for the GOP to regain a majority in the Senate.

Sheehy, highlighted his military background and the shared sense of unity in times of crisis. Drawing from his experiences in Afghanistan and the military, he emphasized that “when the chips are down, there is really only one political party—and that’s American,” according to reports from Fox News.

Prior to entering politics, Sheehy’s notable service can be seen in various regions around the world, including Iraq, Afghanistan, South America, and the Pacific, through the various awards he has been given for his bravery in combat and has a background in business. Sheehy is a family man and is married to a Marine veteran. The married couple share four children.

As the Montana Senate race gains momentum, the unexpected anecdote about Senator Tester’s restroom break adds a new layer of intrigue to the already closely watched election.

The incident, along with Sheehy’s entrance into the political arena, contributes to the evolving narrative surrounding the race and the potential implications for the balance of power in the Senate.

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Elizabeth Warren Acknowledges Unintended Consequences of Obamacare



Elizabeth Warren

Senator Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts, a longtime supporter of the Affordable Care Act, commonly known as Obamacare, is now acknowledging the unintended consequences of the healthcare legislation, particularly its impact on industry consolidation and rising healthcare prices.

Warren, who has been a vocal proponent of Obamacare, has recently had what the Wall Street Journal reported as an “epiphany” regarding the consequences of the healthcare law. In a letter addressed to the Health and Human Services Department inspector general, Warren, along with Senator Mike Braun of Indiana, expressed concerns about vertically-integrated healthcare companies potentially increasing prescription drug costs and evading federal regulations.

According to reports from Fox News, the bipartisan letter highlighted issues with the nation’s largest health insurers allegedly bypassing Obamacare’s medical loss ratio (MLR). According to Warren, these insurers, through vertical integration, have manipulated the system, leading to “sky-high prescription drug costs and excessive corporate profits.”

The senators detailed how conglomerates, like UnitedHealth Group, with ownership across various healthcare sectors, could inflate medical payments to pharmacies and, by realizing those payments on the pharmacy side, appear to comply with MLR requirements while retaining more profits.

Moreover, despite the Democrats’ argument that the MLR would benefit patients, it has incentivized insurers to merge with or acquire pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs), retail and specialty pharmacies, and healthcare providers. This, in turn, has made healthcare spending less transparent, as insurers can allegedly shift profits to their affiliates by increasing reimbursements.

Warren, who has consistently voted against Obamacare repeal efforts, notably advocated for a “Medicare for All” proposal during her 2020 presidential campaign. Despite her prior support for the healthcare law, Warren’s recent concerns about its unintended consequences have raised questions about the long-term effects of Obamacare and its impact on the healthcare industry.

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