‘An Outright Lie’: McCarthy slams Pelosi’s claim she did ‘jiu jitsu’ to fix Covid Bill

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy called House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s claim that the Democrats made changes to put the American people first rather than large corporations to get the coronavirus relief bill through the Senate and to the House quickly “an outright lie,” during his Thursday press conference.

“A few minutes ago, the Speaker stood at this podium and claimed that House Democrats did what she called ‘jiu jitsu’ to change the bill.” he said, “That is an outright lie.”

McCarthy added, “The fundamental portions of this bill has not changed since Sunday. Four months for unemployment was already decided on Sunday. The grant to keep employees hired in small business was already decided on Sunday.”

During her earlier press conference Thursday, Pelosi assured the public that the bill would address the immediate issues arising from the coronavirus and would not be “about anything else.”

Further, the GOP Leader highlighted that the only additions to the bill were from Pelosi, who added $24 million of funding for the Kennedy Center in Washington, D.C.