The Trump Administration said Monday it opposes House Resolution 6, the American Dream and Promise Act of 2019, according to an Office of Management and Budget statement. The bill “cancels and prohibits removal proceedings against certain aliens and provides such aliens with a path toward permanent resident status.” Notably, the protections include amnesty for DACA recipients or “Dreamers.” On Monday, the Supreme Court denied the Trump administration’s latest request to end the obama-era program.

The OMB says President Trump will veto the bill in its current form saying it “would only exacerbate illegal immigration.” Specifically, the OMB claims the bill “would incentivize and reward illegal immigration while ignoring and undermining key Administration immigration objectives and policy priorities, such as protecting our communities and defending our borders.”

On Monday, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce tweeted its support for the bill.  The Chamber tweeted Monday, “While H.R. 6 is not a complete solution, it would address two very important issues: Dreamers and the Temporary Protected Status (TPS) program.”

The bill’s sponsor California Democratic Congresswoman Lucille Roybald-Allard tweeted Tuesday, “Americans see the wonderful contributions of America’s Dreamers every day in communities nationwide. As the House passes the Dream and Promise Act today, we are taking a stand for these patriotic, inspiring young Americans. #ProtectTheDream”

The bill passed the House Committee on Rules Monday evening and awaits a full House vote later today.