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Amal Clooney was part of ‘panel of experts’ which advised ICC to seek arrest warrants for Netanyahu, Israeli and Hamas officials



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The wife of famous liberal actor George Clooney was an “integral” part in the International Criminal Court’s (ICC) decision to seek arrest warrants for Israeli and Hamas leaders. Human rights lawyer Amal Clooney served as a special adviser to the ICC chief prosecutor, Karim Khan.

Khan thanked Clooney in his statement announcing the move, describing her as part of “a panel of experts in international law” whom he had turned to for advice and to review the evidence in the case. Many of the named experts are British.

“The panel is composed of experts of immense standing in international humanitarian law and international criminal law,” Khan wrote.

In a statement put out by her Clooney Foundation for Justice, the lawyer elaborated on how she came to be involved in the ICC case, which has triggered arrest warrant requests for the Israeli prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, and his defence minister, Yoav Gallant, as well as Hamas leaders Yahya Sinwar, Ismail Haniyeh and Mohammad Deif for alleged war crimes and crimes against humanity.

“More than four months ago, the prosecutor of the international criminal court asked me to assist him with evaluating evidence of suspected war crimes and crimes against humanity in Israel and Gaza. I agreed and joined a panel of international legal experts to undertake this task. Together we have engaged in an extensive process of evidence review and legal analysis including at the international criminal court in The Hague,” she said.

“Despite our diverse personal backgrounds, our legal findings are unanimous. We have unanimously determined that the court has jurisdiction over crimes committed in Palestine and by Palestinian nationals. We unanimously conclude that there are reasonable grounds to believe that Hamas leaders Yahya Sinwar, Mohammed Deif and Ismail Haniyeh have committed war crimes and crimes against humanity, including hostage-taking, murder and crimes of sexual violence. We unanimously conclude that there are reasonable grounds to believe that Israeli prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, and Israeli defence minister, Yoav Gallant, have committed war crimes and crimes against humanity including starvation as a method of warfare, murder, persecution and extermination.”

The Guardian reports that Clooney, who has faced criticism on social media for not speaking publicly about the war in Gaza, also elaborated on why she accepted the court’s invitation to advise on the case:

“I served on this panel because I believe in the rule of law and the need to protect civilian lives. The law that protects civilians in war was developed more than 100 years ago and it applies in every country in the world regardless of the reasons for a conflict.

“As a human rights lawyer, I will never accept that one child’s life has less value than another’s. I do not accept that any conflict should be beyond the reach of the law, nor that any perpetrator should be above the law. So I support the historic step that the prosecutor of the international criminal court has taken to bring justice to victims of atrocities in Israel and Palestine.”

In an op-ed for the Financial Times, she and other members of the advisory panel hailed Khan’s decision to issue the arrest warrants as “a milestone in the history of international criminal law”.

They added: “The warrant applications announced today are just the first step. We hope that the prosecutor will continue to conduct focused investigations including in relation to the extensive harm suffered by civilians as a result of the bombing campaign in Gaza and evidence of sexual violence committed against Israelis on 7 October.”

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Al Jazeera reporter who held Israeli hostages in home was spokesman for Hamas-run labor ministry



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Abdallah Aljamal, who wrote for Al Jazeera and worked as a spokesman for Gaza’s Hamas-run labor ministry, was killed when Israel Defense Forces troops entered his central Gaza home over the weekend and rescued hostages Almog Meir Jan, 21, Andri Kozlov, 27, and Shlomi Ziv, 41, according to Israeli officials.

Al Jazeera said Sunday that Aljamal “has never worked with the Network, but had contributed to an Op-ed in 2019,” although his profile on Al Jazeera’s website describes him a “Gaza-based reporter and photojournalist.”

The network also said allegations against Aljamal are “completely unfounded” and are “a continuation of the process of slander and misinformation aimed at harming Al Jazeera’s reputation, professionalism, and independence.”

Just The News reports this is not the first time the network has come under pressure from Israel. The Israeli government unanimously voted last month to close Al Jazeera’s offices in Israel due to security concerns.

Despite the network’s denial of a relationship with Aljamal, it is horrifically hostile towards Israel and Jews. As recent as Tuesday, the network’s English-language article featuring “Live Updates” from the Israel-Gaza war had the headline, “UN chief calls for ceasefire agreement,” with the first sentence stating: “Calling the conditions in Gaza ‘deplorable’, UN chief Antonio Guterres tells Israel and Hamas to come to an agreement on a ceasefire proposal outlined late last month by the US.”

At the same time, the Arabic-language live-updates article used the headline, “New losses for the occupation and the Palestinian factions respond to the ceasefire proposal,” with the first sentence of the article stating, as translated: “On the 249th day of the Israeli aggression on Gaza, the occupation army continued to bomb multiple areas of the Gaza Strip, while the Ministry of Health confirmed that the occupation committed 3 massacres that claimed the lives of 40 martyrs and 120 wounded in the past 24 hours.”

The term “occupation,” is used to refer to the Israel Defense Forces, while the “Israeli aggression” refers to Israel’s war against Hamas in response to the Oct. 7, 2023, terrorist attack that killed about 1,200 people and resulted in the kidnapping of about 250 others, many of whom still remain captive. Additionally, the term “martyrs” refers to any Palestinian – civilian or combatant – killed during fighting against Israel or Jews in general.

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