Almost 500 incidents of violent crimes at the border since Biden took office: report

Human Rights First, an independent advocacy and action organization, is reporting an increased number of violent crimes on the border since President Biden took office. The report is called “Failure to Protect: Biden Administration Continues Illegal Trump Policy to Block and Expel Asylum Seekers to Danger.”

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Back in March 2020, former President Trump executed a COVID-19 directive, also known as Title 42, to limit the flow of travelers during the coronavirus crisis. Now, a year later and over 100 days into Biden’s presidency, Biden has extended the directive. Human Rights First, along with organizations like the Haitian Bridge Alliance and Al Otro Lado, railed against Biden’s decision in their report.

As a result, border cities in Mexico report 492 incidents of crime from January 21 to April 20. The crimes listed are from gunpoint theft to kidnaping to rape. The report also shows that many of these crimes are “bias-motivated,” meaning that Black and LGBTQ migrants face a “disproportionate” risk.

Instead, the report suggested that the Biden Administration “address human rights abuses in the countries refugees are fleeing and support regional resettlement initiatives to provide other pathways to safety.” Many of these crimes are happening because migrants are trapped in dangerous border cities. The report also calls for the end of the COVID directive.

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“None of the more than 150 asylum seekers whom Human Rights First interviewed in March and April 2021 were referred to apply for asylum or given a protection screening by U.S. immigration officers before being expelled to Mexico,” the report reads.

“Family separation is still occurring,” the report goes on, “increasing the number of children held alone in influx facilities and shelters.”    

While Vice President Kamala Harris is set to visit Mexico in June, she has yet to make a statement about the border crisis since assuming the role of border czar.

Biden likewise has faced criticism for not addressing the border crisis. Instead, he blames the previous administration.

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