AG Sessions Buys Time From Contempt of Congress

Nunes and Gowdy meet behind closed doors with DOJ and Intelligence officials

Department of Justice Attorney General Jeff Sessions has bought himself time from a threat of contempt of Congress for failing to produce classified information lawmakers requested after the Chairman of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence and a colleague attended a closed-door meeting Thursday afternoon with members of the DOJ and intelligence community.

Chairman Devin Nunes, R-CA, and House Intelligence Committee member Congressman Trey Gowdy, R-SC, met with representatives from the Office of the Director of National Intelligence, FBI and DOJ in an effort to obtain or view the classified information requested several weeks ago on a particular individual related to the Special Counsel’s probe on alleged collusion between President Trump’s campaign and Russia.

“None of these folks at DOJ and FBI were elected officials and yet they are consistently keeping information from the committees and the American people”
Rep. Jim Jordan

Nunes, along with the support of his Republican colleagues and House Majority Whip Steve Scalise, R-LA, threatened Sessions with contempt for first ignoring a letter on the request sent two weeks ago and then later refusing to honor the request last week in a formal letter, according to the committee. The House Intelligence Committee, along with other committees, have made the contempt threats numerous times before in an effort to obtain information necessary for their oversight.  Nunes and his colleagues have long complained that the DOJ and FBI have hindered their committees’ ability to investigate by either stonewalling or refusing to turn over the information.

It is not certain how many days the committee has given the DOJ to turn over the requested information or what details they are negotiating as committee officials did not discuss anything beyond the press release.

“We had a productive discussion today with officials from the Office of the Director of National Intelligence, Department of Justice, and FBI in which we raised questions related to information requested from the Intelligence Community,” according to a joint statement released by Nunes and Gowdy. “The officials committed to holding further discussions of these matters, and we look forward to continuing our dialogue next week to satisfy the Committee’s request.”

Rep. Jim Jordan

Congressman Jim Jordan, R-Ohio is one of the numerous Republican congressional members who has been fighting the DOJ and FBI for information over the past year told this reporter that the information, other than highly classified information, requested by the committees should be made public.

“None of these folks at DOJ and FBI were elected officials and yet they are consistently keeping information from the committees and the American people,” said Jordan. “We’re talking about an investigation into a duly elected President of the United States and it’s a struggle just to get to the truth when we are being stonewalled or given excuses for the information we’re requesting.”

On Sunday, the Department of Justice released a letter sent to Nunes on May 3, which addressed the classified information his committee had requested. In the letter, it suggested the committee had requested information on an unnamed individual considered by the DOJ and FBI to be a very valuable source in their counterintelligence operation. Committee officials would not disclose any aspect of their request either before or after the DOJ disclosed the information.

In the letter, DOJ Assistant Attorney General Stephen Boyd said, “disclosure of responsive information to such requests can risk severe consequences, including the potential loss of human lives, damage to relationships with valued international partners, compromise of ongoing criminal investigations, and interference with intelligence activities.”

According to the Washington Post the White House, which is referred to in Boyd’s letter, agreed with the DOJ’s decision not to make the information regarding the classified source at the center of the dispute available to Congress.

However, a congressional official with knowledge of the request and the meetings said that is not an accurate portrayal of the administration’s concerns. The congressional official said the White House suggested that the DOJ find a way to share the classified information, which may mean selected members can view it in a secure location.

White House officials could not be reached immediately for comment.





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Notable Replies

  1. Tink says:

    I don’t believe the Washington Compost that the WH agreed with DOJ to withhold the information sought.
    Firstly, Trump has handed over 1.2m dox to Mueller et al. He’s been more than transparent. The DOJ and FBI however have been the antithesis. I have consistently encouraged Rep Nunes and his team to tell Sessions to put up or shut up. Time for talking has long past. They have continuously seen that previously redacted dox that DOJ/FBI claimed highly classified were ultimately no such thing. The “highly classified” is being used by them as a shield to hide their dirty deeds. Congress has a right to see them, classified or not, and should demand them TODAY. If not forthwith, then proceed immediately with contempt and impeachment.
    Trump could make it very easy be declassifying all of it and remove the DOJ/FBI shield and expose them all.

    It is also time for We The Peeps to shut down Mueller. We are the fools paying him so we ultimately have the last word. I have no interest in Trump’s or Mueller’s sex lives from 2005, which has nothing to do w Russia collusion anyway. Stormi violated the NDA and it seems clear she owes Cohen the $130 he paid plus damages. There was no affair. If there was, she is the ‘"cheapest’’ porn star alive as that is chump change to Trump. It is quite understandable why he would not know what Cohen spent $130k on as it is immaterial in his world.

  2. Point to ponder: As We The People sit and wait for this obvious Coup to end and have those involved held accountable for their actions. A couple of things to remember. The people involved are not at all concerned with the embarrassment to our country. They are not at all concerned about the Citizens of our country. They do not care at all about the Laws that you and I try to live by everyday. They ONLY care about dragging this out and hoping somehow they can remove President Trump from office. I can assure you, that will NOT happen, period. One other point that is missed daily by ALL those in the Media. These folks involved know that in order for Justice to be served. An ex-president must also be prosecuted. So grab your popcorn and favorite beverage folks. This will take a little while longer, but in the end. Obama, Clapper, Comey and all the others WILL be brought to Justice. If you do not think Obama is involved in this Coup. You’ve been asleep for a long time my friend. It’s time to wake up and accept the fact that OUR ex-president and others were rotten to the core!

  3. The big problem is Sessions. He has committed the biggest political betrayal in our lives. When Mueller sues to force Trump to testify, the DOJ will be fully behind that. The coup is obvious and so it is obvious to Sessions, who has full power to stop it at any time. There are mountains of evidence for crimes. Grand juries and indictments could have easily started 9 months ago. If we went justice, we must want replacement of the entire DOJ leadership. They are the problem.

  4. I’m starting to think we need to disband some of these agencies completely and start over

  5. DonB says:

    Vincent you’re right! Sessions was the insurance for the protection of almost the entire corrupt DOJ & FBI leadership. Can anyone name a top leader that is not a traitor?

    We want to protect even the innocent Iranian rank & file people from their despotic leaders.

    President Trump is sewers boss… with specific orders built support & have even have Chuck & Nance begging him fire sewer with a quick termination… I believe that sewer is a coward & will resign rather than continuing insurance & protection of the traitors leading DOJ & FBI.

    This is now a required Executive duty to save forever the loyal rank & file workers within both departments.

    This also should continue everywhere within our government. Flush, Chuck, Nancy & disloyal news people back into the cesspool that they came from!

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