AG Brnovich: Biden is ‘the biggest health crisis facing our country today’

By Jenny Goldsberry

Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich called President Biden “the biggest health crisis facing our country today.” Brnovich would rather see Biden address the public health crisis at the border than start knocking doors to ask if they’re vaccinated. The Arizona AG appeared on Hannity Thursday to explain why.

“I keep emphasizing to folks that the biggest health crisis facing our country today is the Biden administration, because we may have three vaccines for COVID, but there is no cure for stupid,” Brnovich told host Sean Hannity. “And what the Biden demonstration is doing is just plain dumb, Sean.”

Meanwhile, thousands of migrants are crossing the border, and some would rather die trying. Texas officials even found some bodies that tested positive for COVID-19. Not the mention those that survive the journey.

“You know that there are millions of people illegally crossing our southern border, a small percentage of them have been adequately vaccinated,” Brnovich said. “They are packed into detention centers, we see record number — it’s going to be a catastrophe, not only a public health crisis.”

Now, the Biden administration wants to overturn Title 42. It’s a public health order preventing migrants from entering the country and further spreading the COVID-19 virus.

“So which is it, Joe Biden?” Brnovich asked. “Do we have a public health crisis where we are going to lock down our economy, or alternatively, we’re going to go ahead and let people in and gut Title 42 which is designed to protect the public health?”

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